Sunday, June 5

Allow myself to introduce... myself

The Stevensons are baaaaaaaaack .... returned to Pittsburgh as a tanned and newly minted Mr. and Mrs.

For anyone checking out this blog who doesn't know us already IRL (HI!), I'm Carrie, the new wife - a former English major who has made the perhaps unwise decision to release all my pent up words and thoughts on the internet. Kyle, the new husband, is starting married life out on the right foot by agreeing to this plan with only minimal amounts of eye-rolling. I basically decided to start a blog chronicling, um, us (how self-centered does that sound?)

This blog doesn't exactly have a theme - I am by no means crafty, not expecting a baby anytime soon, and a decent cook but definitely not bloggable - but Kyle and I own a 90 year old home and a 10 month old puppy, Bailey, along with a knack for getting into situations that typically result in some pretty good stories, so hopefully these are enough to keep you around.

Before I bombard my imaginary readers with too much text and scare everyone away *crickets*  let me share some wedding and honeymoon photos.

Aside from the obvious classiness of this photo, please note all the drinks on the windowsill.

So full from delicious French food. Cannot possibly eat this amazing dessert.

Between the wedding and the honeymoon, we enjoyed the best two weeks of our lives thus far and I'm so excited to sprinkle recaps and photos in throughout the more mundane life updates.

Welcome to an attempt at a blog, Stevensons-style :)

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