Thursday, June 30

Happiness is... My Jelly Ballet Flats

And many, many other things about this summer so far.

But first, let's take a moment to appreciate the glory of jellies, 2011 style...

I am in love. These babies are so comfortable, and they just scream "summer" to me - even if most of my summer is spent in a cubicle beneath softly flickering florescent lights, curled up with the AP Stylebook you see just beyond my right foot.

This summer has been nearly perfect so far. We kicked it off with our wedding (best day of my life, hands-down) and 10 blissful days on our honeymoon. We returned to our cheerful little house, our crazy big puppy, and our funny, loving families. And we've mosied along since, trailing black bean & corn salad, cheap pink champagne, and puffs of golden retriever hair that our Dyson Animal Vac, despite its NASA-esque powers, seems incapable of capturing.

Landscapers came and worked magic in our yard - our tiger lilies are blooming in some semblence of order, the mess of weeds in our three front yard flowers beds disappeared (as did a random strawberry plant, one of the summer tragedies), and our little vegetable garden is thriving! The past few summers we've started out with the best of intentions, but by July weeds choked our little gardens and flowers wilted before their time. It feels really good to grow things and actually take care of them, too. A marriage metaphor would be appropriate here if we hadn't brought in an outside party - the landscapers - to fix all the things we'd screwed up so badly. So, hopefully we are better lovers than landscapers :)

Speaking of love, I finally uploading some real live wedding photographs last night (flute of cheap champagne in hand), and they've had me grinning creepily to myself all day at work. Here, I'll share some of the magic:

We had the best photographers for our wedding - Joe Appel, as well as his assistants Jasmine and Caroline. They honestly hit it out of the park. We have over 500 images, I cannot wait to put our wedding album together.

The fourth of July is almost here - how is summer moving so quickly? Hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend!


  1. first - WHERE did you get those jellies. I got a pair at age 5 and every picture of me post-jelly ownership shows me looking down at them, playing with them, worshiping them. I'm not a girly girl now but as a little one, I was enraptured with shoes. Wow, that just took me back.

    second - I don't think I've told you but your wedding pictures are beautiful! I love seeing them and remembering what a great day it was.

    third - this is my first time seeing your blog - I love getting updates on your life (especially since Neil and I are a bunch of bums and don't go out much). keep posting!

  2. Emily, just saw your comment now, oops. My first comment!!! It's so exciting to find out someone is reading :)

    I got the jellies in Baltimore, at Filene's Basement. I'm actually not a big shoe fan either, but these are SO comfy and remind me of the 90s, double win.

    Thanks, I love our wedding pictures too. I was just looking through my keepsake box the other day and stumbled across your wedding thank you note - those pictures on the front are gorgeous, I might need to browse your albums again sometime soon for inspiration.