Monday, June 20

The One Where We Discuss Married Life (So Far)

Hello out there (echos - no one is reading!)

The Stevensons are back, this time with a little chat about our first month-plus of marriage. Let's start out with my basis for this post. I asked Kyle on our work IM to describe married life. Observe:

Stevenson, Caroline [1:03 PM]:
>describe married life so far in one paragraph .... ready, go!

Stevenson, Kyle T [1:05 PM]
>as before

Stevenson, Caroline [1:06 PM]:
>nothing else?

Stevenson, Kyle T [1:06 PM]:
>no time right noqw

As you can see, married life isn't all puppies and rainbows - unfortunately, sometimes you're still very busy at work (so busy you can't check your typos!)

Seriously though, nothing on the surface has changed. We are still most definitely Carrie and Kyle - and Bailey - bumbling through life, griping about work and laughing over The Young and the Restless and cooking and sometimes even cleaning. No huge, fundamental shift happened right after we wed. And you know what? I'm really, really grateful for that. I am so happy with what we've always had that a monumental change would be unwelcome and scary.

That being said (for me at least), rather than one huge shift there have been tiny little quivers. Good ones. I don't know the best way to describe it, but what comes to mind is that our life together, which was always delicious, now has an even deeper, richer flavor. As my beloved Contessa puts it (read: Ina Garten, who majorly creeps Kyle out) "When you add coffee liqueur to chocolate desserts, you don't necessarily taste that exact flavor - but you know it tastes even more delicious than before." Or something like that. Mmmm, chocolate...

Stretched and possibly mislabeled metaphors aside, things just feel even more happy and comfortable and homey than before. We actually have a word for this feeling - "humfy." Happy + comfy. Um, we call ourselves The Humfys sometimes (are you gagging yet over this cuteness? Sorry.)

So yeah, married life so far is awesome, with a little side of humfy. We played hosts for Kyle's parents two weekends ago and my parents, Grandma, and one brother just last night (the other brother, 17, is traipsing around Europe - #winning.) I actually loved the cleaning and cooking and hostessing! Little Susie Homemaker I am not - seriously, the laundry should just do itself, or Kyle should do it and often does - but this was so much fun and we were really proud of our little home and happy to celebrate Father's Day and my Grandma's birthday with everyone.

Enough of this rambling - these are all Carrie thoughts, other than the Kyle quotes pulled from our IM conversation. I am betting he'd agree with all of this though, if he ever gets around to reading it. Happy Monday everyone!

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