Thursday, July 28

And they're off...

I finally did it. I bit the bullet while home sick from work on Tuesday and addressed each envelope, then dumped stacks of crisp little thank you notes in the mail yesterday. 74 days after our wedding, but who's counting? Hello, once again I must remind you that Emily Post says you have 3 post-nuptial months to send thank you notes and not be in breach of etiquette. I made it over two weeks ahead of that deadline, which anyone who knows my penchant for procrastination will should appreciate.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are a few lingering sadly on my desk. They don't have updated addresses, so they'll be sent on their merry way as soon as we find out where people have resettled since March, when we sent the invites out.

And then there are the dreaded cardless gifts. Somewhere between the giver's house/car and when the gifts were magically transported back to my parent's house after our wedding reception (thanks, Dad!), the card and gift were separated and, despite my best efforts to play matchmaker, still haven't reconnected. There are a few mystery gifts floating around our house, but it's probably not advisable to assume those who gave you cards without gifts got you a gift in the first place (which, by the way, is totally fine - our guests were invited for the sole purpose of celebrating with us, not lavishing us with presents, and I don't have the interest, time, or mental capacity to sort through our guest list and figure out who may or may not have "gifted us").

Still, how do I figure out who gave us these gifts? I suppose just wait it out for awhile and see who lets me or a family member know in a not so subtle way that they are terribly put out because they haven't received proper thanks yet ;)

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