Friday, August 12

167 Hours...

...until Kyle and I are on the open road and Hilton Head-bound.

I cannot wait for our week in Palmetto Dunes. My family goes to HHI nearly every year, but this will be Kyle's first vacation with the Becker clan (God bless/help him). We have a few things on our annual to-do list.

Visit "It's Greek to Me," multiple times
Visions of flaming Greek cheese, lemony baked potatoes, and fresh seafood pasta with copious amounts of wine are dancing (and by that I mean groaning) in my head.

Wade into the pool around 8 AM, book in hand
... and stay until lunch. Repeat after lunch, until dinner. Note: This is not an item on Daniel or Kyle's to-do list. They will want to do something active (???)

Watch LOTS of favorite movies for the 100th time 
Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, and Spinal Tap are all contenders. Sorry, Kyle, Coming to America is out. Think of movies your grandma wouldn't find offensive. Those have the best chance of gaining Josie Becker's approval, though it isn't a guarantee. Alright, okay?

Order the Crazy Crab boil
...then proceed to roll out of the restaurant. Avoid the aggressively enthusiastic gentleman on the restaurant's porch at all costs; he wants to help you plan out all your vacation activities. We don't DO activities, sir.
There's one new item on the list this year, in support of my 101 in 1001 goals.

Visit the psychic shop across from the Crazy Crab
...but only if someone else will come in with me. I honestly don't think I have the courage to enter that place alone. There are no pictures of it, but think of something from HBO's True Blood. Yep.

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