Saturday, August 13

Saturday Brain Dump

I was really looking forward to a weekend of thunderstorms, blankets, movies, and books. So far, everything has delivered but the weather.

I have that dread disease ailment, the summer cold. Holy sinus pressure, Batman. Let me paint a picture for you... I'm devouring honey-lemon Halls, inhaling those sweet Vick's vapors smeared jusssssssst beneath my nose (a shiny upper lip is very attractive, no?), and practicing my best imitation of Brainy, the mouth-breather from Hey Arnold.

One should have cold weather or stormy skies outside while suffering through a cold. Since the high today is 82 degrees, I wanted a gigantic thunderstorm to make me feel cozy and safe and smart for staying indoors, rather than just ill. Instead, the sky is that particular shade of bright white that gives you a headache even without adnoid issues. I like my sky to make up its mind - either any of of its brilliant shades of blue, or a cloudy, stormy mess. I don't like hazy, white skies, ever. Begone!

Until they change (because assures me that thunder, lightening, and rain are on the way), I'm hunkering down with The Gates by John Connelly and Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niiffenegger. I poured myself a glass of chianti (don't worry, I'm certainly not overdoing it while on Dayquil) and ripped open a little bag of Goldfish crackers.

All in all, being sick gives me a legitimate excuse to do some of my favorite activities - lounging all day in sweatpants and Kyle's t-shirt, reading, watching Iron Chef, and basically being an old lady. There's probably never a legitimate excuse for the day drinking though. Oh well - cheers, to your health!


  1. HAHA.. please tell me you had to look up 'Brainy's' name... because I remember religiously watching that show and never once hearing them call him by his name.

    Hope you feel better girl! :)

  2. Haha, I did indeed Google "mouth breather from Hey Arnold" to find my old friend Brainy (if that's even really his name - I'm not totally convinced he HAD a name).

    Seriously though, Hey Arnold was one of the best shows ever!