Monday, September 12

Of Mick Lovin' and Mondays

No, not this McLovin...

Mick lovin'. IRISH FESTIVAL 2011, bhoys!

I love all things Irish (except whiskey - can't get a taste for it). And I can use the term Mick inoffesively because my great-great Grandma Julia Cassidy was totally Jenny Everdeane-ing it in Pittsburgh's own Lawrenceville neighborhood, the Irish slums back in the day.

And there are family names like Devine. You know, like Waking Ned Devine, the best movie of all time?

If you can't quite make out the tombstone to the far left, it says Francis S. Divine (consistent spelling wasn't our strong suit, okay?) St. Alphonsus cemetary. Picture borrowed from Sandi Svaboda, thanks!

I think it's pretty clear that I have a problem with rambling blog posts, but hopefully you're sticking with me...

My Welsh/Scottish/German/decidedly not Irish husband and I had a wonderful time at Pittsburgh's famous Irish Festival last Saturday. Aside from the fact that he kept reminding me he isn't Irish. I don't know though.

Exhibit A - oooh, he's going to be mad I put this up.

Something about the Geiko caveman stubble, or the upturned nose, or the wicked look ... there is definite leprechaun blood flowing in those veins. Giant leprechaun, of course.

Anyways... you're still here? We got our Mick on and listened to folk music, mingled with scruffy, adorable Irish men wolfhounds, slopped Guinness around when bees landed on our hands (no, that was just me), and took photos of Civil War re-enactors talking on their cell phones (that was just Kyle).

It was wonderful. I'm really sad it's over. Next year, we're going to go to the Irish Festival on Friday night and the Scottish Festival on Saturday day, because for some reason they're always held on the same freakin' weekend. A lot of people are of both Irish and Scottish persuasion, festival organizers. You should accomodate those who are nerdy enough to want to attend each festival.

In fact, you could use some more normal (if nerdy) folks, rather than those wandering around barefoot with cloaks on who are definitely not re-enactors, but actual attendees dressed like... well, I'm not sure what look they're going for. Possibly Druids.

The fact of the matter is that I did just refer to myself as normal, which should give you an inkling about some of the other attendees.


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