Friday, September 2

Things Beloved in the Stevenson Household - Carrie Edition

Every now and then, I'm going to share some of the things we are currently loving at Casa Stevenson. Obviously none of these "products" are sponsoring my post - or even aware I'm posting - but I always love reading about what other people enjoy or recommend, so here goes nothing...

You know what I do not love? Overhead flourescent lighting.

My sweet, sweet notebook. This soft leather bound beauty is manna from aspiring writer Heaven, complete with pages that smell like literature and dusty bookshelves (it's a wonderful smell, in case that doesn't sound appealing...)

I'm writing real words, on real paper, in real cursive. Whoa.

Because sometimes you just need sugar and spice, in addition to the usual milk and caffeine, to brighten up your morning.

No really, these are Queen Elizabeth's official rainboots or something. Honest. Of course, I bought them a few years ago whilst in college and made the unwise decision to purchase them in bright, bright yellow...

Duchess Kate would never be caught dead in these - she is mistress of subtlety, and I am... not.

My new belted short-sleeved sweater type thing

I don't have a link for this one, because apparently J. Crew doesn't advertise their outlet clothing on their website. But no, I will not pay $300 for a sweater (especially one with no sleeves), so it's the outlet for me. I am in love with this thing. I just need to work on my knot-tying abilities, apparently.

This is just a small sampling of my favorite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...) Let's see if we can get Kyle to write about the Dallas Cowboys or something for his "beloved" post. Here's a mutual Stevenson favorite below...

Happy Friday!!!

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