Sunday, October 30

If I was a ... I'd be ...

Chilled and cozy and colorful. Hot soups and warm breads and cold cider. Flannel shirts and blankets and boots. That sharp smell of burning leaves. A season for books and dogs and sunlight and storms.

Lush, fluffy, soft, satiny. My wedding bouquet.

A lifelong love affair. Nutty, salty, sweet, sharp. Crumbly, smooth. Perfect.

Is that boring? In spite of my very passionate relationship with wine, there is nothing better than a tall glass of icy water. Fresh, cleansing, cold.

Loyal and happy and affectionate. A marshmallow.

Spice and sweetness in equal measure. To my mind, there is nothing better than the smell of cinnamon.

Be it on the couch, in the kitchen, or snuggled up in bed, I am a homebody through and through. If I have to venture outside of the house ... then put me in a pool somewhere on Hilton Head Island with a good book.

I love blues and purples and yellows and greens, but pink is my color.

Thanks to Imperfectly Perfect Life (and by extension to Silver Pencils) for inspiring this post!

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