Monday, November 28

A Holiday in the House of Dreams

The following is a tiny peek at the Stevenson household around Christmastime. We are nowhere near finished with our decorating, but we've started, and I can't keep it to myself. I won't give all, or even most of it away right now though -- because a few blogger friends and I have a holiday home tour scheduled later this month!

Other big news: I unintentionally found out that I'm getting a real camera for Christmas! Not just a point and shoot one ... a serious one! Well, not too serious -- that would be scary for a technophobe such as myself. Since I found out, Kyle and I are actually giving the camera "to each other" and still getting the other a surprise gift too.

Anyways -- Christmas.

I am soaking it all in already, and it isn't even December yet. Don't worry, I have faith that my holiday enthusiasm knows no bounds -- I won't get Christmas-ed out.

Nearly all of my shopping is done. Special touches are being tied and folded for our dinner party. Kyle put a background on my phone -- three snowmen singing -- and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Our tree is lit and ornamented, and it's a hodgepodge of festivity -- homemade ornaments from our younger years, carved wooden santas, sparkly cupcakes.

Color-coordinated Christmas trees dripping with glass and crystal ornaments depress me a little bit -- you know, the ones that you can't really touch. They belong in department stores, not houses. I like happy trees.

Trees with traditional reds and plaids, with bows and pretty things. Trees with paper and tin ornaments painstakingly crafted by pudgy little fingers. Trees with beautiful angels or glittery stars nodding cheerfully on top.

Those are the trees that know what Christmas is really about :)

Tiny gift pile and no tree skirt -- we're a work in progress. Bailey is not impressed.

Kyle and I fully intend to make this the best Christmas ever. We watched The Muppet Christmas Carol on Saturday night, and if "It Feels Like Christmas" doesn't get you into a holiday mood, I don't know what will.

We strung up the garlands on our mantles and our staircase; we put out the Christmas wreath; we lit cinnamon candles in sparkly votives.

It all makes me love homemaking even more. Traveling and visiting for the holidays is so much fun, but there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed, cooking in your own kitchen, and sprawling out on your own couch.

In honor of all the cozy comforts of home during the holidays, here's a little "house prayer":

God send us a little home
to come back to when we roam

Wooden floors and fluted tiles;
Wide windows, a view for miles

Red firelight and deep chairs;
small white beds upstairs

Great talk in little nooks;
soft colors, rows of books

One picture on each wall;
not many things at all

God send us a little ground;
tall trees standing 'round

Homely flowers in fertile sod;
Overhead, thy stars, O God

God bless thee when winds blow;
Our home and all we know.

Florence Bone

Back to my Christmas planning...

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