Tuesday, November 29

Liebster Lovin'

I was so thrilled and surprised to be given a Liebster blog award from one of my favorite blogs, Baby Making Merry Go 'Round. Click over and check her out -- she writes funny, thoughtful, and touching posts about the trials and triumphs of trying to conceive.

The Liebster blog award recognizes small but awesome blogs -- good things come in small packages, no? It's intended to celebrate up-and-coming blogs with under 200 readers. Liebster is a German word meaning "dearest" -- a new nickname for Kyle Bailey! I am really, really touched to receive a Liebster.

It works like a much cooler version of a chain letter: if you receive the award, you link back to the person who awarded you (as one of their favorite blogs), then you select five of your favorites and link to them. Here are my favorites that I'm passing the Liebster along to:

Hamsaps House
A fellow newlywed, HHS alum, and crazy dog lady with a funny take on everything

Jen's Feeling Forty
Confessions of an almost forty-something -- I love her outlook!

The Glissmans
Musings of a stay at home mom -- baby, dogs, and frugal Friday tips (another HHS alum!)

Folly Life
Former Weddingbee blogger, newlywed, and expectant mama

Life, Enjoyed
Former Weddingbee blogger, newlywed, and fellow Pitt alum

Check them out!

Blogging is a funny thing -- you open so much of your life up to family and friends who might be reading, but possibly strangers too. I was really hesitant about it at first. I wouldn't consider myself a totally private person, but I certainly don't walk around in real life sharing personal details with random people.

Especially since I write a blog that doesn't fit into one particular category -- I'm not a crafty person, or much of a cook, or a mom, or an expert on anything -- I tend to write about newlywed life, personal dreams and aspirations, that sort of thing. Putting it out on the internet was (and still sometimes is) scary. We small bloggers need all the encouragement we can get, because we become very invested in our little spot on the web and wonder if what we're saying makes any difference.

So I'm here to proclaim that those small blogs make a difference to me, and I'm excited each time a new post comes up -- so much so that I harassed Abby of Hamsaps House to put up a new post on my birthday when she took a mini-hiatus from blogging, because I'm just. that. pushy.

Show your favorite small blogs some love! And follow me if you regularly read, please, because I know I'm not getting over 3000 hits from 11 readers -- I'm a lurker on several blogs too, so I know you're out there! I like to know my audience :)


  1. Congrats, Carrie! This is awesome. And you are my blogging inspiration so thank you for linking to my blog on here!

  2. I'm officially obsessed with this post. Thank you SO MUCH, Carrie! I absolutely love reading your blog, too. I can't wait to check out the other Liebsters you posted. That's my favorite part about blogging: getting to know other people and realizing just how much you have in common with them.

  3. Carrie I've read all your posts - I thought I was already following you but until now - my computer illiterate brain was wrong. Congratulations! keep posting!