Saturday, November 5

Things Beloved II: Kyle Edition

iPhone, iPad, TVs, couch, pillow.


There you have it! I typed the words, but he spoke them.

He spoke them from the couch, with an iPhone in his hand, watching football on his favorite TV, head propped up on a ginormous "sweater pillow."

The iPad is within reach on our coffee table.

In other words, either he put no thought into it at all and just named five things within eyesight, or he's pretty much in heaven. 

I actually suspect the latter. The man knows what he loves (duh, that's why he put a ring on it).

When I first asked him to list his five favorite things, he started out: "Football. You..." and I was all "Wait, what? Should I change that order?" and he wisely decided to just list tangible things, rather than make that difficult judgment call.


This is another lazy post, because I'm even more tired tonight than I was yesterday. After one of the longest work weeks of my life, we went out last night. That's right. The Stevensons left their household, everyone. We went to an actual bar. And didn't leave until 1 AM. It might take me weeks to recover.

Then we were ridiculously productive today -- well, after I woke up shortly before noon, that is -- pulling weeds and raking leaves and spreading mulch and taking Bailey on walks. Emphasis on the "s." We went grocery shopping. We made a delicious pepperoni dip that Kyle discovered. Then we laid down, and I don't think we're getting back up again. Until we go to bed at 9:30, that is.


Pitt football is on, and I've seen far too many Wrangler and fast food commercials.

Kyle just quizzed me on the Steelers offensive line, and was greatly disappointed. In my defense, it changes every week.


I think it would be wise for me to just put this post out of it's misery. Bailey just passed gas in agreement.

Happy Saturday!

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