Wednesday, December 28

Flurries and Fashion and Figure-Maintenance

The promised snow didn't materialize last night, but this morning tiny flakes were swirling in our backyard. It finally feels like winter, and while I might loathe it in February, I love it right now.

You know the saying "a face only a mother could love?" Pittsburgh has weather that only a Yinzer could love.

The office is very, very quiet today. My job has its fair share of crazy, but it makes the days go by quickly. I usually don't enjoy the occasional slow days as much as you might imagine -- they seem to drag. But today it's just my speed -- because again, I am busy doing something. 

I'm busy enjoying the lull, yinz. 

I'm busy cleaning through my inbox, and organizing my desk, and catching up on those small tasks that get pushed back and back until they become big ones. Having clutter-purging, battery-recharging days like this at the office makes the many crazy days flow much more smoothly.

Speaking of crazy, it has recently come to my attention that Kyle occasionally thinks my clothing choices are Looney Tunes. I bought a mink shrug from a vintage store last year, and to say he didn't like it would be putting it lightly (although I wore it in our engagements pictures anyway, because I am an independent woman, or something like that). I have recently started looking at fascinators in, um, fascination -- doesn't Kate just pull them off beautifully? -- but I know sticking one on my head might prompt, at best, gales of laughter from both my husband and mother.

My Grandma is lending me a gorgeous mouton fur coat that my Papa gave her in the '60s, when she was 25. They went to swanky dinners at the Officers Club on one of Germany's Air Force bases, and I can totally imagine her walking into the club, sparkly heels on, removing this coat as someone handed her a martini (this is probably not reality, but it's how I imagine things). The coat is cropped and plush collared. It's totally Mad Men, and I'm totally wearing it to our own swanky dinner on Friday night (more on that later).

And just for your peace of mind, Grandma, Kyle likes this coat. Especially in comparison to the mink shrug from approximately 1922.

I like vintage, and I like classic, and I'm totally determined to get into better shape in 2012 so that the clothes I love on hangers don't lose their appeal once I try them on. Lo and behold, I got a desk job and a horizontal ID, and it turns out that -- surprise! -- all the sitting around and drinking isn't conducive to that lovely teenage figure I'd hoped to maintain. I'm not claiming to be fat or in terrible shape or anything, but I was really petite in high school and even college, so it remains a rude awakening when a size 2 dress doesn't fit (I suppose I am the opposite of an anorexic, who sees herself as fat even when she's not).

But I'm not starting that diet until January 1, 2012 ... when I'm 99% sure I will want to consume only salads for a month anyway after all this meat and cheese and bread.

99% sure. That other 1% is craving a croissant as we speak.


  1. I totally support you in the fashion choices (me - not so bold and enamored by those that are.. plus what do boys know about shrugs anyway?)

    Also, once Jan 1 hits - if you want to run, please call me because I'm on a new medication and every time I try to go it's a huge struggle - huge huge struggle. I'd love a partner in crime!

  2. could Kate get any more beautiful? I am seriously obsessed with her loveliness! I hope you have a GREAT start to 2012, croissants and all