Wednesday, January 25

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. [Mark Twain]

Today, for the first time in maybe all of my life, I forgot to wear my rings. Well, perhaps not all of my life, but since I got engaged (ring #1) and hitched (ring #2).

And my finger feels totally, weirdly, starkly naked. It's been strange all day, just like it's strange wearing an engagement ring right after the proposal. Your fingers get used to certain things, and then suddenly, they're gone (the things, not your fingers, one would hope).

And like phantom pain when people lose their fingers, you keep expecting them to be there.

It's funny how things grow on you. 

If nothing else, I am a creature of habit. I find a pair of boots I like, and gosh-darnit, I wear those boots every single day for at least three months. Ditto hairstyles (that might be a misnomer, my 'dos are a little lacking in the style department). Also, black leggings and scarves.

My rose gold Michael Kors watch -- on my left wrist, daily. My charm bracelet -- on my right. Earrings, every day -- unless I forget those at the house too, in which case, I go and by myself a cheapy pair, because I don't walk around in public without earrings, it just feels wrong... and I'm a forgetful person, so I have a lot of cheap earrings as a result.

When I get home from work, it all goes by the wayside -- the watch, the bracelet, the earrings, the boots. But I never take my rings off. E-ver. Not when I shower, sleep, or cook (okay, working extensively with raw meat is an exception... sometimes). They only come off when I clean them, and then they go right back on.

Or when I try on a Kate Middleton knock-off, which you can see Kyle is really enthusiastic about.

The must-never-remove-them-from-my-finger-ness is mostly it's because I adore these rings so much, but it's also because, like I said, I'm a very forgetful person. I live in absolute terror of losing them. I know exactly where they are right now -- laying (lying?) on our guest bed, on top of a folded t-shirt -- but still.

I took them off this morning not because I was working extensively with raw meat at 7 AM, but because I was grappling with my hair (worse), which I wore down and straightened for the second (and last) day in a row. 

It takes a hefty amount of "smoothing" gel to tame my Tina Turner locks, especially if there is the slightest hint of humidity. And I hate the slippery feeling on my hands, so I put the rings down to spare them the hair goop. But then, my morning routine interrupted, I got sidetracked...

...and it wasn't until our drive into work, when I tried to rub my left thumb against their smooth inner bands (a little, constant habit of mine I never noticed until today) that I realized they were missing.

And it's been annoying me all day long. Unadorned fingers, plus unpolished nails... whose hands are these?!?!

Also, paleness. Woof.

That's all I've got for today. My fingers don't even feel right tripping across the keyboard.

Hopefully my brain will return with my bling. Perhaps I should have picked up that Macy's "Repli-Kate" as a spare.

Exciting news: Today is not lost after all. Thanks to the above photo, I've just discovered that my favorite Tumblr is back in business. So there's that.

This recently photo spoke to me as well...

...especially in light of my "carrying too many things from the car" debacle I wrote about yesterday.

And her hair up in my favorite non-style!!!

She and I have so much to talk about.

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  1. I swear we share brain waves... or at least blog topics. I currently have a post in draft stage about why I wear my rings "backwards" and the naked feeling.

    On another note I should keep spare earrings in my desk. I forget those a lot!