Tuesday, January 31

Penciling In Flexibility

First, a promise: I will not turn this into a puppy blog.


Just bear with me once in awhile.

Having a puppy, probably much like having a baby, makes you realize many, many things about yourself and your life.

One thing I've realized is that both Kyle and I, unlike seemingly every other couple in the world, have pretty rigid work schedules. 9-5, every day (except really 8-4:45ish, am I right?) When I talk to other people, I get green with envy when I learn that either they or their partners, or both, work from home, or have seasonal work schedules, or work 7-5 four days a week and have Fridays off, or something along those lines.

As I've said before, I like my job (remember, I complain about things I love!) But it's very much an in-the-office-at-all-hours type gig. I set an appointment on my Outlook calendar when I leave the building for lunch, and how crazy is that?

For the foreseeable future, Kyle and/or I pretty much need to leave our buildings for lunch every day, because the fact of the matter is that a young puppy cannot be crated for 8-9 hours straight. Our neighbors are nice, but I wouldn't trust anyone except extremely close friends and family with a house key, so having someone come over to let Teddy out isn't an option.

So I now have a reoccurring appointment on my calendar to show that, from noon until 1 each day to infinity and beyond, I will be at lunch -- not the fancy lunch dates that Kyle and I like to take, but the "eating buttered bread outside in our backyard while I keep an eye on our animals" type of lunch.

It might be even more fun than eating out, and it'll certainly be less expensive.

He's worth it anyway.

Vet visit last night. No thank you.

A treat?! Fine, I'll play along.


  1. I can't wait to meet Teddy! I think, as life goes, there's usually the grass is always greener feeling. Some people stuck in alternative employment (or unemployment) would kill for a steady job... and the steady job people would kill for flexibility. At least world is filled with really cute puppies - that helps

  2. That's very true, any situation comes with it's own set of challenges. Working from home, part-time, 10-hour days, or not being able to work... for those inclined to complain (me right now), there's always something.

    PS - With two dogs, the grass in our backyard is now going to be, ahem, well-fertilized and EXCEPTIONALLY green ;)