Sunday, January 1

We'll Take a Cup o' Kindness Yet for Auld Lang Syne

I'm a little sad about ushering the old year out this time around.

2011 was the kindredest of kindred spirits, the most bosom-y of bosom-friends. I might not have many years to my name, but of my 24 choices so far, it was the happiest year of all -- a huge, life-changing year for us. Probably one of the biggest years either of us will ever have. We were so blessed in love and luck. 2012 has big shoes to fill.

And so, to send my beloved year off in style, here are some highlights...

Near the beginning of the year, I was bridal showered (twice!) and bachelorette-d.

I went on my first and only diet between January and April, with my wedding dress fittings in mind. Might have to try that one again in 2012.

In May, I got ready and went to the chapel with the most beautiful bridesmaids, ever.

I became a bride.

Oh yeah, and I got hitched to a pretty darn handsome groom.

We kicked married life off on the right foot by spending ten glorious days in Mexico.

I started this blog.

Bailey sort of grew up (she's still a pretty big baby).


7 months

1.5 years

I decided I wanted to write a book, a still-sought goal with occasional starts and several long stops.

We went to Hilton Head...

...and survived Hurricane Irene...

We also enjoyed the Pittsburgh Irish Festival...

... and the Zoo.

I waxed poetic about my love for fall (several times, actually).

I turned 24.

I made a surprise trip to the ER and learned just what it's like to spend a night or two in the hospital (no thanks).

We were thankful.

We wined and dined.

Our halls, and our favorite bloggers' halls, were decked.

We were festive, and then exhausted.

And now we're here. Closing out another beautiful chapter in our lives, and so excited for what this next one will bring. I can't imagine it'll be any sweeter than these last 12 months, but we'll give it a shot.

Back with resolutions tomorrow. For now, I want to wish each and every one of you all the best in the New Year.

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