Thursday, February 9

Coke, Michael Bolton, Gatsby, and Garlic. And Wine.

Intriguing title, am I right?

Firstly, a few life updates. Ones in which I do not complain, not even a little bit, but instead discuss things that I love.

Me and my wine. Oh, and my husband. Look how cheerful he is!

Kyle has a tremendous cold right now (do not call it a "man cold," lest you provoke his stuffy scorn).

Teddy and Bailey were unceremoniously put to bed at the ungodly early hour of 9:30 last night so that I could conk out next to my Nyquil-ed dream man lovingly attend to my sick spouse. As you might imagine, Teddy really really had to go this morning -- and by "morning," I mean the ungodly early hour of 5 AM. Sick Kyle is not good for much right now (love you!), so guess who went downstairs and out into the bitter cold in her bare feet?!

This girl. Who now has suspiciously watery eyes and pressured sinuses. Though, to be fair, Kyle did feed the beasts at 6:25 AM, not without a fair amount of long-suffering sighs.

But it's not a man cold, okay?


Here are things that I'm loving lately...

Vanilla Coke. Seriously delicious, plus it gives me a much needed caffeine boost without coffee breath. A definite win.

Jack Sparrow ft. Michael Bolton. This is not okay to listen to at work, or around young children. But OMG -- I can't even explain why I love it so much. I listen to this song while driving, I sing it in the shower... it's so catchy. It's a million times better than I'm on a Boat. "Now back to the good part..."

Great Gatsby anticipation. Since I no longer have Harry Potter movies to lust over, I'm focusing on a slightly more literary adaptation. Whyyyyyy does this not come out until Christmas Day? That seems an unnecessarily long time to wait. (Stop complaining...) Plus, how terribly dashing does Leonardo look in that suit?


Italian food. Especially when eaten in little hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurants. 

These photos (plus the one at the very beginning of this post) are from Antonio's in Conneaut Lake, PA. Kyle and I took his mom and step-dad out to celebrate their one-day-apart birthdays last weekend, and this place is like magic. Totally gross on the outside (I only speak the truth, most of the time), but inside was all white lights and wine bottles. The food was so fantastic, especially the antipasti bar, which I visited not once, not twice, but thrice! It's also BYOB, so we brought three bottles, naturally.

As a side note, somehow I've lost six pounds in a few weeks. I'm pretty sure it's all due to chasing after two dogs and not having a lot of time to mindlessly snack, but whatever. MORE PASTA AND WINE FOR ME THEN. That's the spirit, right?



  1. oh I can't wait for Gatsby too!! I'm reading "Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda" right now (a book of their love letters back and forth) and I think I need to re-read some of my favorite Fitzgeralds soon. We should plan to see the movie together (and mayybe sneak in mini bottles of champagne to drink with straws)

  2. I loved "Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda" -- so romantic and sad all at once! I usually re-read Gatsby in the spring; something about those parties on the water, it just feels like the right time (sometimes books have appropriate seasons, I think). Let's definitely see that movie together, maybe pack flasks for the gentlemen too. And newsboy caps ;)

  3. AH! How have I not yet seen that video? I'm so glad you posted it...hilarious. And I agree, so much better than On a Boat