Monday, February 27

Keep Calm, Carrie.

Big step this weekend, blog-wise. I bit the bullet and bought a domain name for this little corner of the interwebz. is transitioning to, and in a few days the old blogspot address will redirect here automatically. It was a little bit scary to make this decision -- it's not a big financial commitment by any means, but it just seems so serious to have my own domain!

Honestly, I'd like it to be serious though. I really feel like, in blogging, I've found something I truly love to do. I've never had a hobby that drew me enough to sacrifice much-cherished "lazy time," but I happily give up naps and even reading (my real hobbies) to spend time writing blog posts and redesigning this website. What I have to do now is start following and commenting on more of my own favorite blogs, because let me share something with you, reader: comments are like crack for bloggers. This was inspired by a recent post on one of my favorite blogs, Life, Enjoyed.

A few exceptions aside, I hardly ever comment on other blogs because... well, I don't really know. Partly because sometimes there isn't much to say except "Great post!," but mostly because I suppose I don't want the blogger to think I'm some sort of stalker? If I "know" the blogger but don't really know them well, like someone that went to my high school who I recognize but didn't social with, then I think maybe they'll get weirded out that I'm reading their blog. If it's a stranger whose blog I've stumbled upon, then I wonder if they'll be creeped out that some random person is commenting.

But the funny thing is that I would never, ever feel that way with anyone reading and commenting on this blog. Even if we've never met. Even if I went to elementary school with you and we haven't seen each other in 15 years. Even if we were "frenemies." Even if I used to date you (a very small group indeed). In fact, I've become blog-friends with a few HHS alums who I didn't really hang out with in high school, and it's so much fun to see what they're up to!

I'm vowing to comment on and follow more of my favorite blogs, because it's fun! I'd like to keep growing and sharing this blog too, so it makes sense to change the address to something a little bit simpler. On that note, the growing and sharing one, please become a follower if you like to read! That mean you, Mom. And you, Sue. If my own mother and mother-in-law aren't followers, I can hardly harass everyone else about it as well ;)

I'm not going to do this very often... grovel and harass my readers to become followers and commenters, I mean. But I'll do it once in awhile, because I have no shame. Well, minimal amounts of it. Commenting is easier here now, and there is an anonymous option at the bottom of the comment form! Leave a comment about the new design, or that one awkward encounter we had in middle school. Follow me, and I'll follow back.

And remember...


  1. I just started commenting more in the last month and I've really enjoyed it and have added a ton more blogs to my blogroll. Commenting is how you network and how you gain readers. I don't know why it's weird at first, almost like you need to "know" them, but I totally went through the same thing.

  2. Congrats, Carrie. I think it's great and it's something I'd like to do with my blog at some point. I get barely any traffic on my blog - I think you and my parents are the ones that read it :) - but I get a lot of clicks from your blog because I comment here.

  3. @Mrs Green Grass -- I love seeing your blog grow and reading about your journey. I have to get over that feeling of needing to "know" the bloggers, because people put so much of themselves into their blogs that if I'm a regular reader, I DO know them.

    @Jen -- Your blog is awesome, and I creepily just checked -- your domain name is available ;)

    @Justme aka MOM -- YAY!!! Now become a follower! I might have to walk you through this...

  4. Like the new design and domain name! Enjoy reading your blogs. ;)