Tuesday, March 13


I bought a Kong Frisbee on Sunday morning at Petco.

I had high hopes for that toy. Bailey and Teddy would both go crazy over it, obviously. We would take them to a nearby fenced field, and they would sprint crazily around, leaping to catch a Frisbee flung far and wide.

The sun would be shining brightly, the grass would be soft and summery under our feet. Very likely I would go overboard and pack up our picnic basket for this little jaunt.

Bailey and Teddy would amaze us with their athleticism. Kyle would laugh heartily and feel like he owned manly dogs. They would run back to him, slobbery and smiling, rubbery red Kong Frisbee in their mouths. It would be just like a commercial, or even better, a movie.

This is, of course, not exactly how things are playing out at the moment.

Bailey is very excited, but she can't quite figure the Frisbee out. I toss it and it spirals beautifully, and she sits by my side and watches it go. Or she runs after it, but not fast enough. After it lands she trots up and starts digging on the top of it, trying to flip it over so she can delicately pick it up with her teeth by the upturned rim. Or just keep dragging her nails pointlessly across it. Either one.

Teddy shows no interest in the Frisbee, none at all. If Bailey is "digging it" (in every sense of the word), he walks over and sniffs it. But yeah, no thanks. He'd much rather go find a rock to ingest. Or a piece of mulch.

I would blame them, but I think the problem might be me. Being "raised" by a woman who spent her childhood sports years picking flowers in the outfield during softball and pirouetting around during soccer, my dogs never had much hope.

Kyle better stage an activity intervention if he wants dogs who can do doggy things. Sportsy things.

As for me, my shoulder is sore from throwing that Frisbee. I think I'll go lie down and start reading a book.

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  1. This made me laugh at loud, such cuties you have too. Now ours will play fetch with the frisbee and try and catch it but then it usually bonks them on the head and I have to giggle at that. Yesterday I took out the 4 wheeler and was driving it around to try and get them to run after it with me down the field, yea we made it one lap and they were done. Not what I was hoping for =)