Wednesday, March 28

We Are a Very Happy Brunch Indeed.

There are very few things this New Yorker loves as much as Sunday brunch. You can sleep until noon and still get eggs anywhere in the city, alcohol is often included with the meal, and Sunday is the one day a week you get the single woman's sports pages: the New York Times wedding section. [Sex and the City]

So perhaps the above quote is not at all relevant to the brunch I'm planning to host after Easter Mass, but you know, you can't have everything. Also, perhaps it is a bit relevant, because there will be mimosas.

Also, quotes about brunch are surprisingly hard to come by. But anyway. 

Let's talk about Easter plans, shall we? Kyle and I didn't really have any this year. 

The fact is that we didn't want to load up the dogs, their crates, their food, and their toys. They aren't exactly welcomed with open arms at every single family gathering, which is completely and totally understandable. I suppose not everyone wants to pick golden hair out of their coffee and eyelashes, although waking up at 6 AM on the weekends to take them outside is awful has its own special charm.

Side note: Lest you think we are totally unhygienic after hearing about the dog-hair-in-coffee situation, I will have you know that we vacuum at least twice every day. Having Bailey and Teddy both in our lives brings us immense joy, but also immense amounts of hair. It's safe to say that owning two golden retrievers while they blow their puppy/winter coats in the spring is no one's idea of a picnic. Unless your idea of a picnic involves enough enormous tufts of dog fur floating by on the gentle breeze.

So yeah, no one wants these two molting beasts in their homes over the holidays. And yeah, I get that. But, at least while Teddy is so young, we are a package deal, the four of us. We Stevensons must sink or swim (or shed) together.

Cue our brilliant plan to host Easter brunch. While we wouldn't dream of inflicting our hairy animals on the homes of others, our little love nest on Kathleen Street can handle it. In fact, she does, daily. We have crates aplenty, and a mud room accustomed to sheltering our banished pets when the hair, dirt, and slobber gets to be a little much, even for us.

(How appealing does a meal at our house sound right now?)

It's just going to be a small family affair. We're picking up a Honeybaked Ham. We have appetizers and side dishes and a mouthwatering dessert planned (with copious offers to help from my mom, many thanks!)

I do love planning a party.

I have stationary I've been itching to use, so invitations will be sent out soon. I'm combing Pinterest for table scapes and little springtime touches. I'm thinking about brushing up on my fancy camera skills beforehand, so maybe you'll get better photos than the iPhoneapalooza I shared after my Christmas soiree.

Our Dyson Animal Vac is at the ready, and will be run 87 times before people arrive.

Now all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that April 8 isn't blisteringly hot, because while I think my home is charming (creaky porch notwithstanding), it is not, unfortunately, air-conditioned. And certain members of my family, self included, are more on the sweaty and swarthy side. So if it's hot, we're moving the party to my parent's house.

And Bailey and Teddy will have to sweat out a lonely, boring Easter at home. Alone. Unless that thought tugs are my mom's conscience enough for them to score an invite as well. Only if it's hot, of course. (nudge nudge)

Anyone else have fun Easter plans?


  1. Three dogs at Easter means we'll be hunting for something other than eggs in the front yard. I'll have lots of little baggies at the ready. ;^) Signed, your beloved Mother

  2. Sounds like a perfect Easter! We'll just be sure to eat first, so as not to spoil the meal ;)

    If it's not too hot, you can bring Jenny to our house -- then they can all whine and bark and shed in harmony. Maybe she and Teddy will even become friends... miracles do happen after all.

  3. Neil and I are also hosting the families for dinner and praying for cool weather (to avoid our parents disapproving head shakes at our living conditions)!
    At least I'll finally get the big kids table - since it's my table!

  4. I love planning and throwing parties... I just wish I had the budget for the kind of parties I want to throw :) haha