Tuesday, April 10

The Shakedown, and Other Oddities. Also, Awesome Things.

What has happened to my baby?

Remember this, just a few short weeks ago?


Teddy is growing like a(n exceptionally fluffy and adorable) weed right now. The little man, who has not an extra ounce of fat on him, is now tipping the scales at 30 lbs. I'm still trying to heave him over baby gates and up the stairs... I have to say that a few more weeks of this and I will be ready for summer's sleeveless dresses.

It's adorable, sure. (Also, very sad, I won't have another puppy for years and years).

But this rapid growth, and subsequent ox-like strength, are not without challenges. He jumped one of our (admittedly short) baby gates last week. When he's on his leash in the backyard, he pulls me around if he spots something exciting, which to him is almost everything -- passing butterflies, goofy Bailey, those nefarious neighborhood kids.

Yesterday when they were both eating dinner, her bowl kept sliding as she was chowing down... it slid right under him, and she kept eating, and it slid further, and she kept eating and pushing underneath him, until his back legs left the floor and he was doing a sort of keg-stand over his dinner bowl.

via (so disturbing)

And they both kept right on eating.

Still a baby though.

My favorite recent display of boisterous exuberance and pint-sized strength happened yesterday when we came home from work.

Bailey and Teddy both act like we've been away for weeks when we walk in the door. Even if we went to the grocery store for 15 minutes. Especially if we've been gone all day. They start barking and whining and crying and basically losing their shit (sorry, Mom).

It's mostly endearing, to feel that beloved (also slightly troublesome, because talk about a guilt-trip when we leave...) But their excitement over our arrival makes coming home feel like a party every single time. I'm not the only one who feels this way.

But yesterday... oh, yesterday took the cake. When we turned the key, the exultation started. We heard Bailey running in circles and whimpering as if we'd bestowed some marvelous treat upon her. Teddy was barking like a lunatic. We were still in the foyer and couldn't see them yet. As we started coming close to the doorway, I heard an odd thudding sound. Turning the corner, what do you know...

The Tank, as I've started calling him now and then, always sometimes bangs on the front of his crate when he wants to get out. It shakes the crate and creates a nice, big racket that he clearly enjoys. Except now, instead of just shaking the crate, these paw punches are moving it. The entire thing. A ginormous crate. Across the room.

I have to laugh, because he's hilarious. But I also have to get that under control, because who knows where he could end up with this new mode of transportation.

Foiled again.


A big, fat shout-out to a good friend and fellow blogger Emily, who shared this amazingness a few weeks ago. It's a list of 1000 awesome things. Go browse and be reminded of everything funny and good and satisfying (and tasty!)

Here are a few of my favorites:

The smell of rain on a hot sidewalk

Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you've got lots of sleep time left

When the free bread they bring you at the restaurant is warm (bonus points if it's Cheesecake Factory brown bread)

Wearing a sweatshirt that hasn't been washed yet

Eating ridiculous things for breakfast (I do it all the time -- cheesecake, Goldfish crackers, leftover Mexican food -- breakfast is better this way)

Taking your makeup off after wearing it for hours

The look on someone's face when they realized they're on the big screen at the game

Finally unsubscribing from that annoying email you've been getting forever

Thick milkshakes and greasy fries at an old diner (Court Street Diner, how I've missed you)

All the things you learned in third grade


Happy Tuesday!

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