Monday, April 9

Weekend Update.

Good golly, has it been gorgeous lately.

this side of too cold for my taste. But things are an intensely sun-drenched sort of pretty. And the waters of Pittsburgh are blue. Blue I say!

Will wonders never cease?

Last week was a tricky sort. I had so much to do, but it was so hard to get motivated. Usually when I go home at night, several concrete tasks space out my evening. Walking the dogs, making dinner, reading a book, watching a TV show, doing the dishes. It's a nice little rhythm.

Instead, last week, I felt like I was doing a lot of sitting, and a lot of nothing. There wasn't much food in the house, so dinners were minimal and dishes even moreso. It was cold-ish, so I didn't spend time outside. I was bored with my books (time to break out my trusty old friend Harry Potter, with whom there is never a dull moment). There were reruns on TV.

It wasn't been a bad week, exactly. Just a blah one.

But the weekend! Oh, that glorious span of freedom.

Date night in aisle five. We went grocery shopping on Friday night. I always get a little thrill when we walk through the Giant Eagle Market District doors. Their 1000 aisles contain a seemingly unlimited supply of overpriced wonder. Our shopping list was relatively small -- deviled eggs, asparagus, lemons, and flowers -- but, as per usual, we succumbed to the sweet temptation of produce, artisan bread, a seafood sale... it's truly pathetic that I'm getting a little rush just thinking about it.

Bro-ing out. The Becker brothers came to crash at our place on Saturday night, and it was excellent. We went to Emiliano's in the Southside works -- guacamole was prepped tableside, queso fundido arrived bubbling and delicious, the pitcher of margaritas was perfect -- and then caught a later show of The Hunger Games. Which was awesome if you've read the book, and probably confusing if you haven't. Really though, why haven't you?

Easter Brunch. The fun never ends! My parents arrived on Sunday bearing champagne bottles, bags of Easter candy, and contributions to our collective feast. Brunch recap to come, there is too much to tell you in one little paragraph (I forgot about the silverware, for one thing)... but it was a great afternoon.

Happy Monday!

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