Monday, April 2

Whistles Far and Wee.

Bonus points if you know from whence that delightful little line in the title cometh. (Isn't that a fun way to say "Where it's from?" ... "From whence it came" definitely has more flair).


There are yellow daffodils on my coffee table and kitchen counter, purple pansies in a hanging basket on our front porch, blue and pink hyacinth a-bloom' in our flower beds, and two ranunculus (Kyle calls them redonkulous) planted with equal parts optimism and low expectations off our back patio.

I do not have a green thumb -- in fact, some might say it is a poisonous, noxious black -- but I do appreciate a good flower. Or ten.

Could spring be any more delicious this year?


Fly-by weekend recap...

Friday night: Shopping at Pottery Barn (boy, do I have an exciting addition at our house to share with you, but you'll have to wait until the Easter brunch reveal -- I know you're in suspense). Shopping at LL Bean (adorable new dress for Easter). Binge-eating at the Cheesecake Factory.

Saturday: Coffee, reading, grocery shopping, beer run, friends over to watch the Final Four.

Sunday: DOG SHOW. Lunch in Oakmont at the curiously christened but yummy Hoffstot's Cafe Monaco, thanks to my lovely parents. The return of Game of Thrones (the horror, the horror of last night's ending...) and two very exhausted Stevensons at the end of the night.

Gorgeous goofbuckets.

Bailey ("I coulda been a contenda'") and Teddy ("Let me at 'em").

Oh, and copious amounts of work-work tucked here and there throughout all those activities. Make it stop!!!


The coming two weekends are going to be delightfully full of family. They might not know it yet, but my brothers are being roped into spending next Saturday night with us -- going out to dinner and seeing The Hunger Games, then probably fitting in some serious gaming sessions with Kyle. Sunday, my parents will join in the fun -- Easter Mass at gorgeous St. Mary of the Mount, and a veritable feast of fine things afterward.

The following weekend, Kyle's parents and grandparents are arriving to help us fix our front porch and party on our back patio. It's going to be lovely.

As for this week, after coming home from the craziness that is work right now, we will be practicing that time-honored art of doing nothing. (OMG, how did Teddy get so big?!)

Except taking more obnoxious photos of our dogs, of course.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm still shocked at the ending of last nights Game of Thrones!! horrible- But such a good show!