Tuesday, May 8

Funk-a-Lunk, Filamentous Biomaterial, and Food.

I have several things planned for this blog right now -- lots of posts and videos and photos and features and other oddities -- but work has been so crazy busy, and my weekends so gloriously full of family visits and serious spring cleaning, that my posting has been in a bit of a lull.

Don't abandon me yet though! Just wait until you feast your eyes on tomorrow's special treat -- an evening in the Stevenson backyard with Bailey, Teddy, and their new friend (don't freak out Mom/Sue, we didn't get another dog).

To tide you over, please review and weigh in at your leisure...


Sister has fabulous hair (filamentous biomaterial for the scientifically inclined [or those who must make their blog post title alliterative]). It's so breezy and casual-chic and manageable looking, in fact, that she's inspired me... I'm thinking of chopping mine off, just like that! Or having the more capable hands of my hairdresser Chelsea do it, actually.

Of course, I was thinking about this last summer too. But eight months and several inches of growth later, it might be time. My mom actually told me I should do something before I start getting Duggar hair. (Thanks a lot).

I've only had "short hair" twice in my life -- once in second grade, and once in high school. Both times I hated it, but maybe the third time will be a charm?

What you should be cooking right this very second

Barefoot Contessa Panko Crusted Salmon

Use lemon-pepper panko here... heavy on the extra lemon zest, with a side of snap peas and a big cold glass of pinot grigio, if you please.

Baked Haddock

Use that same delightful panko instead of breadcrumbs here as well (sensing a theme...)

Shrimp Fra Diavolo from the New Best Recipes -- Cook's Illustrated Cookbook

This is my absolute favorite go-to pasta recipe right now. I'm with Annie's Eats, I like it with double the crushed red pepper. It's fast and incredibly, insanely flavorful. It taught me how to flambe (mostly). Right now, it even tops my long-time lover, linguini with white clam sauce.

How every evening should look

Except perhaps a bit less raggedy and more well-groomed (she gets it from her mama).

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I cut my hair last summer. Before that I had only cut it once! My senior year of high school - and I totally hated it. As long as you go to a good hairdresser, I think you'll be happy. (I love mine!) I used Jennifer Anniston pics from last summer as my inspiration.

  2. I swore after my friends wedding last year I was chopping my hair well fast forward to almost a year leater and my hair is still long and the hubby loves it! Little does he know come next Saturday some of it is going bye bye. I'm not brave enough to go super short (and by that I mean above my shoulders). I love the barefoot contessa however hubby isn't the biggest fan =(

  3. Mmm...Shrimp Fra Diavolo is so good!