Wednesday, July 18


Gosh, I don't want to keep writing about the heat wave and vegetables, but honestly, there isn't much else going on in my life right now.

We spend 90% of our time at home on the third floor of our house, which is a guest suite of sorts, with a bed, mini-fridge, love seat, love sac, ginormous TV, and exercise bike. Oh, and an air-conditioner. Right now, this room is no longer a guest suite -- it's the master bedroom. And the dog bedroom. It's crowded up there. But even I (who once waxed poetic about the beauty of summer heat and ceiling fans) have fled to this artificially chilled relief.

In a perfect world -- one in which I've won the lottery and spend my days pool and/or beachside, reading books and sipping lemonade and/or champagne -- the heat would be delightful. Honestly. I am beside myself with anticipation for Hilton Head Island (9 DAYS!!!), land of blazing sunshine and sticky nights.

But in my dream world, or on vacation, I don't trudge up and down three sets of stairs multiple times a day in a house without AC, feeling guilty about the fact that my dogs have barely been outside for, um, weeks. I don't hike to and from a parking garage to work in a concrete jungle, where the thermostat hits 80 degrees before 8 AM.

Instead, I wear a bathing suit or a breezy dress with sandals at all times. I stay mostly submerged in the cool pool water, book in hand. Occasionally I escape to the quiet, Freon-chilled peace of our condo for a glass of wine or a nap.

Isn't that really the way we're all supposed to live?

Some of Kyle's family will be in town this weekend for a play, and they're stopping by on Saturday morning. Sweet lordy, sometime between now and Saturday, the weather better cooperate -- because our house and lawn are disastrous, and it is way too hot to do anything about it right now. That is not even an exaggeration. We've been gone a lot lately, and it definitely shows.

Three hanging baskets now hold the crispy, crumbly remains of formerly beautiful flowers, though I did have the decency to remove them from our front porch to the more secluded back patio, where they sadly remain. The weeds in our front flower beds are BANANAS. Our kitchen and living room are clean and orderly (probably because we spend so little time there right now) but the other two bedrooms, abandoned for the third floor, hold a motley collection of clean and dirty clothes, towels, shoes, bathing suits, hairbrushes, and, you know, junk.

I'm getting a headache just thinking about this!

It looks like Friday will bring sweet relief, with a high of 76 degrees. So guess how we're spending our Friday night?

Nine more days to go, yinz. Nine more days.


  1. Just think - going through this nasty hot spell will make you appreciate your vacation even more when you get there! Or at least that's one way to look at it ;)

  2. I feel you with the heat wave thing! and I think sometimes the anticipation of vacation can be almost as great as going (almost). I hope you have a blast... and if you need an air conditioned evening before then call us for happy hour because I'm sure we'd jump at the chance to get out of our hot house as well