Monday, July 2


I have barely been in Blogland over the past week, reading or writing-wise. Life has been, ahem, very busy.

Bailey was spayed last Wednesday. She became even sadder than usual for a few days...

(what have you done to me?!?)

...but is now decidedly on the mend, bouncing between manic happiness and only occasional bouts of ennui. She's a very deep and complex creature, clearly.

Between the fact that she isn't supposed to walk/run up and down steps for awhile, and the super intense heatwave we've been experiencing in the Burgh... we've been crashing at my parents nice, level, air-conditioned house for the past five days. We keep promising to leave, and then they keep cooking delicious dinners and going to the pool and watching fantastic movies, and so we keep saying "just one more night."

We are probably maybe possibly leaving tonight.

In other news... Teddy is becoming such a little man!!!

What happened to my fluffy baby?

He's past the seven-month mark now, handsome and funny and goofy. He may have outgrown puppy preschool, but a dignified adult he is decidedly not. Time for basic obedience, I suppose. When your dog is nearing 50 pounds and seems to have the strength of a particularly determined ox, it's probably best if he is firmly under control ;)

In other other news: Weight loss is going well. Kyle is down a whopping 20 lbs!!! I'm down 12-13, but have been cheating a little bit (and by a little bit I mean I had a blueberry muffin and leftover Mexican food for breakfast yesterday, plus some late-night ice cream. Oops). Back in the saddle today though!

Only a few more weeks until this, after all...

Happy Monday!


  1. Your pups are precious!

    The weight loss is awesome! Y'all should be so proud!!

  2. I'm impressed by the discipline you've put into eating right! I'm pretty good about getting regular physical activity, but not so good about ditching the delicious stuff that's bad for me. :)