Saturday, September 8

A Chill in the Air, A Brain on the Loose.

We woke up in what felt like the middle of the night, to gusting winds and lashing rain and white hot lightening. After a mad dash to shut the windows, I realized it was actually 6 AM. Pitch black in the not-so-wee hours of the morning? That is a sure sign... fall is on the way.

It seems like this morning's storm ushered my favorite season in, actually. I know there will be plenty of hot days in the future, but just about now, curled up on the couch with a sweatshirt on and candles burning, it feels like that time. You know the one. 

It feels like fall. Which means my brain is now in overdrive. Which means Kyle has fled upstairs for higher/saner ground.

I'm not even mad that the weather literally rained all over my Irish Festival plans today. Instead, we're heading to Home Goods. In preparation, I'm scouring my Susan Branch books and Country Living magazines, trying to map out exactly what we need to make this these four walls cozy and crafty and appropriately autumnal.

Here's where it gets a little out of hand though... not only do I start envisioning fall decor, but I start imagining how we can plan to transition it into winter. 

And then I start thinking about getting a real tree this year, and where we should put it, and where we could put our other one too, because two trees is certainly more festive than one (and I am nothing if not festive). 

And then I start planning out our Christmas dinner party part deux. 

And then Kyle tells me to pump the breaks, because it isn't even October yet. 

And then -- I can't help myself -- I tell him that next Christmas, just 16 short months from now, he can dress up like Santa Claus and our baby will totally buy it! (And hopefully not be traumatized).

And honestly, is anything more exciting than that?

(Other than a trip to Home Goods -- photos to come tomorrow!)

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