Tuesday, September 11

Bunny: 14 Weeks, 200 Posts, and Zero Energy.


Between the Republican and Democratic Conventions, the start of football season, and the general amount of work that comes with, you know, creating life... I am tired. I know this will seem like an impossibly luxurious amount next spring, but I've been getting, like, six hours of sleep per night for the past few weeks, and it is brutal.

I'm exhausted in the evenings. My brain stops working properly (this is starting to become an all-day problem, actually). I spend my nights vacillating between a consideration of the merits of empire waist tunic sweaters and an aimless scan of local real estate websites, occasionally wondering if perhaps I should finally "get started" on that novel while I still have some semblance of free time.

And thus is born a whiny and self-indulgent 200th post, but just for making it this far, I'll throw in one of these fun pregnancy updates... because hey, 14 weeks. Making progress, am I right?

How far along?  14 weeks

Gender: It's going to be a surprise!

Total weight gain? Down five pounds, actually. But it was six, so I'm doing something right (chili!)

Maternity clothes? Just one pair of jeans and one shirt. Need some more empire waist clothes. And leggings. And tunic sweaters. And tiny adorable belts. I think I need to go shopping. But oh my gosh, I want this kid to go to college don't I? I should save money. But my clothes are so unflattering, and I just donated 8 bags of clothes to Goodwill (yep), and I need to be clothed throughout the fall and winter...

Sleep? Other than not getting as much as I want... good. Once out, I tend to sleep like the dead. 

Miss anything? Wine. Fall-ish beer. At least nausea was effective at making alcohol sound completely terrible. Oh, and sushi.

Cravings? Lately I've been loving salt and vinegar potato chips, Dubliner cheese, and honeycrisp apples. YUM! Those are not unusual for non-pregnant me though, so I'm not sure they're actual cravings. They might just be an intense appreciation of food tasting wonderful again.

Movement? Not yet, but so excited to start feeling those kicks!

Nursery progress? Picked up paint chips the other day. So no, no real progress ;)

Names picked?  Girl, yes. Boy, no. Narrowed down to two ideas though. Probably. Possibly. And we're trying to keep them a secret . It's not going well so far. Don't ask me what they are!!!

It weird how time simultaneously crawls and flies by. Especially in the early weeks of pregnancy, I was wishing away the days. I couldn't wait until the next doctor's appointment, the next one-week mark, the mostly-out-of-the-woods milestone at 12 weeks, the end of feeling like death warmed over. I did not love the first trimester. Now that the second tri has begun, I mostly feel awesome and it suddenly seems crazy that in no time at all I'll be 16 weeks, and 16 weeks is four months, and wow, that actually sounds pretty expectant if you ask me.

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