Wednesday, September 26

Bunny: Sweet 16

A day late and a dollar short...

And oh my gosh, that picture is ROUGH.

But you know, I like to "keep it real," and that's how mama looks at the end of a long work day -- dark circled, limp haired, and generally blahhhh. I was in sweatpants approximately two minutes after this picture was snapped.

I'm only sharing it with you now because heyyyyy, there really is a bump there! It's pretty exciting stuff, for me at least.

But you guys, how am I four months pregnant already? Seriously, how? It seems like March is going to be here in a jiffy, and that's both exciting and absolutely terrifying.

Here's how things are going:

How far along?  16 weeks + 1 day

Gender: It's going to be a surprise!

Total weight gain? -3 lbs, believe it or not. More apple pie for dinner, yes?

Maternity clothes? One pair of jeans, one shirt. I bought lots of non-maternity tunics and sweaters that should see me through most of the winter, plus some belts for "no-this-is-not-a-beer-gut-I-am-with-child" bump emphasis. Oh, and leggings. Love love love my black leggings.

Sleep? On my side now, wahhh.

Miss anything? Sleeping on my back.

Cravings? Still loving those daily spinach salads. Okay, and apples all day every day. And apple pie. And vanilla ice cream.

Movement? I think I've felt flutters three times now, most recently on Monday night. Waiting for a WHOA kick though, one that will make me certain.

Nursery progress? We've repurposed a few garlands and knickknacks for Peter Rabbit-esque decorations, and we might even prime and paint this weekend!

Names picked?  Girl, yes. Boy, no.

I promise I am going to do more blogging in the coming weeks. Things have been extremely busy, and blah blah blah -- but I miss it! Plus (you might remember me mentioning this....) IT'S FALL!!! 

There are other things to talk about besides gestation.


  1. You look SO GREAT and so cute!!!! Can't wait to see it in person! :o)

  2. Carrie you look wonderful!!! just beautiful!!

    I wouldn't worry about the tiny gain of weight. I find it go be a great sign!! I know some people that chose to start eating healthier once they got pregnant (instead of indulging in ice cream and extra burgers, go figure) and they actually lost weight for months. My sister gained a grand total of like 18 lbs (because she lost some body weight as she grew a child) and she walked every day and had a big healthy baby.

    I hope other things are going well too - we think of you on these fall football sundays!

    if you're addicted to apples, there's a farmer's market in Penn Circle that sells the best apples I've ever had in my life (Trax Farms).

    also, I read the book "Night Circus" and I think you would love it - its magical and sweet reads like children's lit but its actually more like grown up fantasy (which is better in actually than how dorky it sounds like) - anyway, I thought it might inspire your writing!

    whew, I think we should just get together soon because it seems there's a lot to talk about and I'd love to see that bump in person!