Sunday, September 30

Farewell, September.

This is the way the month ends: not with a bang, but a sniffle.

I had an entire post dedicated to the massive head cold currently plaguing our household, but I'll spare you both the nasally details and the photographic evidence. Suffice it to say, there's a lot of honey in that cup of tea.

Still, we squeezed in some fun and some retail therapy this weekend.

We took our kids to the park...

...where Teddy skirted the bigger boys like someone's kid brother in a game of tackle football and Bailey, the only girl in the whole massive pack of dogs, loped around alone after the tennis ball like the weird lazybones she is.

These gentlemen were clearly not up to her standards.

“I am free to go. Yet I remain.” 
[We live with the female, Anglo, canine version of Henri]

We bought a new mattress. A queen-size Tempur-Pedic, actually -- I cannot wait until it arrives! And my giant husband, who has spent his entire life with his feet hanging over the end of double beds, can finally stretch out (but I won't have to travel the vast expanse of a king size to snuggle up and harass him, as is my way).

Luckily he doesn't mind being smothered with love.

We also cozied down -- lit candles, piled the couch high with blankets, and talked about all the wonderful things October has in store.

Our mantles are ready for fall.

Our dogs are too, sitting next to the door to catch every chilly breeze that blows by.

And maybe, just maybe... after we're both kicked these head colds and soaked up some Florida sun over the coming week... we'll be properly decked out and festive for autumn as well.


  1. Omgosh...the baby/puppy has gotten so big since last time I read your blog!!