Tuesday, October 9

Bunny: 18.

How far along?  18 weeks

Gender: Surprise :)

Total weight gain? -2 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new -- my good ol' sweaters will just have to budge up and make room for awhile

Sleep? Great

Miss anything? Not really.

Cravings? Bagels, cream cheese, apples. Oh, and nothing compares to Florida's key lime pies.

Movement? Still a solid maybe. Am I imagining this "tapping" feeling on my insides? Pregnancy is weird.

Nursery progress? Nope.

Names picked?  Girl, yes. Boy, still no.

Florida was lots of fun, and I'll have more to say about it tomorrow. It was especially nice to enjoy all the food I couldn't stomach 9 short weeks ago in Hilton Head, when rice cakes were my best friends. Boy oh boy, did we eat. I think this baby must have a pretty sizeable appetite.

Like mama.

Or daddy.

Check out the cheeks! Baby has a lot to live up to.



  1. I think "Yes" is a great name for a girl, but "Stil No" is a bad one for baby boy.

    1. Hahaha -- if our dogs' personalities are any indication, those names might be incredibly accurate for baby girl vs. baby boy attitudes.

  2. You both were so cute! Love his caught in the headlights look, ha ha.