Wednesday, October 17

Bunny: 19-ish

How far along?  19 weeks 1 day, or possibly more (see below)

Gender: Surprise :)

Total weight gain? -1 lb.

Maternity clothes? "Upcycling" some old, super-short cotton dresses from my college days as tunics with -- wait for it -- leggings and boots

Sleep? Amazing. We got a Temper-Pedic last week and it is heavenly.

Miss anything? Nope. Wait, LIES. Yes. Fall beer.

Cravings? Nothing specific -- but when I want something, I want it intensely and immediately.

Movement? YES! Felt that first definitive and swift kick on my 25th birthday on Saturday, which was awesome. Kyle felt a kick from the outside on Monday, which was so cool too. 

Nursery progress? Ummmm, no.

Names picked?  Girl, yes. Boy... we're getting there!

This past week was great. We stayed at Inn Walden for my birthday in Aurora, Ohio courtesy of my sweet friend Laura -- and right after we walked into the gorgeous room and I was looking out at the autumn fields surrounding the inn, Baby gave me my very first WHOA kick. It was like something out of a movie -- the kid has great timing.

We got our new mattress, and sleep is infinitely better now. It's hard to get out of bed in the morning just because it's so dang comfortable, but I feel a lot more rested (and my back doesn't hurt anymore!) Definitely worth the investment, I don't know why I held out on a new mattress for so long...

We had our anatomy scan on Monday, and things are looking good! I was incredibly nervous, to be honest. Not that I think anything is wrong, but this is one of those rare, big moments in pregnancy when you actually know how things are going for your little bubs. Baby is definitely more cramped in there than he/she was at our first ultrasound two months ago, but we saw little hands, fingers, feet, and toes; arm bones, leg bones, a crazy little alien spine, and an adorable, ski jump-nosed profile. The tech and doctor said everything looks fine, so that was a relief. 

Baby is actually measuring a little ahead, by about a week, so he/she is either big or we're a tad bit off on our due date. I'm guessing the former, to be honest -- neither Kyle nor I were small babies (plus look at the size of my husband now! I'll be lucky to avoid delivering a linebacker) and my brothers were both nearly 10-lb whoppers.

I am trying to make room in there...

...and the bump has definitely popped recently!

It's still a lot more noticeable above when doing the classic "pregnancy pose" (one hand on the rib cage, one on the lower abdomen) than while I'm just walking around like a normal person, but it's there, and I'm really happy about it!

Nausea aside, so far I'm really enjoying pregnancy. I'm SO excited to hold Baby instead of a bump, but this is a nice time -- I get to enjoy these movements, I always have "someone" with me, Kyle and I are having fun making all sorts of plans. I know the third trimester, which seems really far off now but will be here before we know it, has its own set of challenges -- but that's okay. As long as I can eat (curse you, first tri!), it's okay.

Baby and I will be attending the One Young World summit from tomorrow until Sunday, so I'm hoping to get a few posts in about that awesomeness (starting with Mr. President Bill Clinton himself, the keynote speaker - deepbreaths...) but I'm also making an effort to be more active on Twitter -- by that I mean tweeting more often than every six months or so. If you'd like to follow along, come visit me @KeepCalmCarrie (link on the side of the blog).

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