Tuesday, October 23

Bunny: 20

How far along?  20 weeks

Gender: Surprise!

Total weight gain? 0 lbs.

Maternity clothes? My mom bought some awesome dresses for me last weekend :) One black, one gray with a skinny pink belt, and one royal blue -- all with matching scarves! I've worn the black one already, but baby has a bit more growing to do before "we" fill out the other two dresses nicely

Sleep? Need more of it, but the hours that I'm getting are lovely -- not a lot of waking up, no discomforts

Miss anything? The usual. Wine. 

Cravings? Ice cream. Spicy soups, especially Korean Kimchi. Apples, spinach salads, fruit snacks.

Movement? YES! So cool.There was a particularly big kick during the debate last night, and I can't say for sure, but I'm betting this kid is a liberal ( I'm channeling all my most left-leaning thoughts in Baby's general direction, just to be safe). 

Nursery progress? Ha, no.

Names picked?  Maybe? I think we're nearly settled. But our policy is: if Baby arrives and the name doesn't fit, we are keeping a bunch of others in mind.

I don't like to be "too prepared" for anything, clearly 
(This candid shot, a Kyle specialty, actually gives a better example of how pregnant I look. As cute as the much beloved "pregnancy pose" is, I don't actually walk around all day lovingly cradling the belly -- but it's there!!!)

Well, I'm officially five months pregnant today. I can't believe we're at the HALFWAY POINT!!! This fact is seriously insane to me. 

Did you ever realize pregnancy is really closer to 10 months than nine? 40 weeks, yinz. Yeesh.

Nothing else is really new. I am EXHAUSTED. I'm constantly eating. I'm excited for March to just get here already, but I'm also really looking forward to the holidays this year. I wish I could live in yoga pants and t-shirts all day.

Until recently, I didn't "feel pregnant" all the time. While I was nauseous for six or so weeks, yes, then I constantly felt pregnant, but not in a good way. But after that, sometimes it just seemed to float in the back of my mind. My normal clothes still mostly fit, I wasn't showing very much, and other than no wine bottles in our recycling bin, things were just... the same. Not anymore. 

With the constant kicking, there probably aren't five minutes that go by that I'm not reminded of Baby. It's really nice! I like to think about our little one's personality. During the ultrasound, many of the images we saw of the hands showed that Baby was, no joke, making this gesture...

It's like he or she was saying to the ultrasound tech "Hey you, easy on the wand rolling please!"

I think I like this kid already.


  1. Yay!!!! You look so cute!!! I honestly can't wait to see baby stevenson in 25 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You look amazing. Yes, 40 weeks. I had the same realization when pregnant with my son. The last month is looooong.