Friday, October 26

Then, Enter Fall.

Our trip to Florida can best be summed up by the following:
Hot, humid afternoons
Cold dips in the pool
Whirring fans
Wide porches

In short, it was one last blast of summer. It was perfect.

And then -- perfectly timed -- we flew home to frosty Pittsburgh and were greeted at the airport by my old friend Autumn.

Our fall so far has gone something like this, in words and pictures:
Crisp mornings
Flannel, leggings, and big boots
Cranberry-walnut muffins
Dog park trips
A walk in the woods
Dogs, dogs, and more dogs

And oh, do I have a whole lot more to say about my favorite season. But first there's a flag football game to be played tomorrow (not for me, sillies, I'm taking good care of Baby), and a farmer's market trip to be taken for pumpkins, and a batch of soup to be made for the cold, sleety, chilly days a-comin.'

So for now I'm sending out a virtual puff of leaf-burning, candle-lightening, soup-simmering love to you. Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Dogs, dogs and more dogs; sounds like my favorite season as well!!

    Soup sounds very yummy!