Thursday, November 8

Bunny: 22 +2


Another two days late, another headless bathroom photo. LEAVE ME ALONE, I'm kind of busy growing a human. Serious business.

I solemnly swear that I will get my act together next week. Baby deserves better than these half-assed updates. (Excuse me, Mom/Grandma/Sue).

Seriously though, I'm actually looking pregnant now, huh? :)

How far along?  22 weeks, 2 days today

Gender: Surprise!

Total weight gain? 3 lbs.*

Cravings? Peppermint Ice Cream. Apple pie. Ummm... spinach salads? Okay, I cannot tell a lie. I'm not really "craving" spinach salads anymore, per se. Or any other salads. It was good while it lasted, veggies.

Movement? Judging by the sheer amount of punches and kicks, this kid might be the next James J. Braddock (or Leila Ali). Or maybe he/she is just scary energetic. (Please God no, grant me a lazy baby).

Best moment this week: Ahem. Tuesday night. Baby was partying like it was 1999!

Worst moment this week: Pregnant/mama friends -- does sciatica ring a bell? OUCH.

*I might remove the "total weight gain" part of Bunny Bumpwatch 2013! at some point. I just copied this weekly update format from another blog, before I realized what a weird part of pregnancy this would be. I think people are wayyyy too fixated on weight gain during pregnancy. Nothing is ever just right, it seems. You either gain too much or too little, and you gain it too quickly or too slowly. On the one hand, I've gotten the side-eye a few times thanks to my measly 3 lbs. (which sounds like a humble-brag but isn't, because I was seriously getting weirded out and self-conscious about it). On the other foot, I don't really care to share with the world once me and my giant bebe start piling on the pounds (though I'm sure you'll know!) So for this week I'll share that 3 lb. accomplishment, but I make no promises that you'll get the pleasure of seeing that number hit 10,15, 20, 40... I still have my dignity, after all (I hope). where did I put that Snickers bar...

1 comment:

  1. you look wonderful (even headless)! and I LOVE that nail polish!!!

    the best I've heard for sciatica is getting on your hands and knees (and comfortably putting some pillows under you) and having someone rub your lower back. The bonus in your house is that a puppy will probably also lick your face!

    hope you're continuing to feel well - and not that I know much but I have another semi-official recommendation for cinnamon ice cream on top of that apple pie!