Wednesday, November 14

Bunny: 23 +1

How far along?  23 weeks, 1 day

Gender: Surprise!

Total weight gain? 4 lbs.

Cravings? Still peppermint ice cream. Buffalo chicken dip. Thomas cranberry English muffins (OMG so good).

Movement? Ummm, my beloved Bunny is now punching/kicking my bladder. Rude.

Best moment this week: Realizing baby is OVER A POUND  in weight and OVER A FOOT in length.

Worst moment this week: Attack of the pregnant-lady heartburn!

Ah yes, 23 weeks. In six days I will officially be 6 months pregnant (excuse me?!) I now catch my reflection in windows and think "yes, definitely expecting." Which means I now alternate between excitement and a teensy twinge of panic. Excitement because baby is getting BIG and FAT and will be making his/her debut sooner rather than later. Panic because -- well, I will soon be BIG and FAT too, plus at the end of this I have to actually go through childbirth? Ummm.

But let's not think about that right now (I'll think about that tomorrow...)


  1. Aww cuuute! It's so sweet to see your growing belly every week. You don't seem to have gained much weight though.

    1. It's a mystery to me why the weight hasn't crept on, because Baby feels massive now! But I'm sure the pounds are coming, especially with the holidays ;)