Thursday, November 15

Our Someday Spot.

I love decorating, and I love homes of all shapes and sizes. If I weren't rubbish at math and sewing and the other things I assume probably go along with interior design, I would want to deck out houses for a living. If I had a bigger budget now, I'd want to either gussy up our current home or find a new one and make it absolutely beautiful.

But since none of these things are doable right now, I'm getting my fix on Pinterest.

So please allow me to show you my own house of dreams...

That place is the most perfect representation of what I love. Brick. Chimneys. Secluded. Big but not ostentatious (more room for lots of little kiddos!) A long driveway with lamplight. A wooded setting.

It's pure perfection.

For now I really do love my own little house. It's old and creaky, there's only one bathroom, there's some peeling paint on the trim... but it's brick, and it has its quirky charms. Maybe we'll get around to fixing it up more, maybe not. Just like my dogs and their tufty paws and their drooled-on ears, I love our home in spite of its flaws. Maybe even a little bit because of them.

But by golly, someday we'll get our very own big, creaky, cozy brick home. With lots of room for the dogs to run, and for little kids to explore, and for us to grow old and cranky together. At least that's what I wish for -- more than shoes or vacations or jewelry. Eventually I want to find a forever home.


  1. That house is to die for! And the snow just makes it look even more amazing.

  2. Yes. Pure perfection indeed!! Love.

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait for the house warming party in that house! :)