Tuesday, December 11

Bunny: 27

How far along?  27 weeks, yinz!

Gender: Surprise, surprise. 
If I had to guess right now I'd say boy, but it changes from week to week
(my guess, not the baby's gender, one hopes)

Total weight gain? Holding steady at 10 lbs.

Cravings? Nothing really. 
No, that's not true. Vanilla ice cream with honey and cinnamon. Heaven.

Movement? I recently read someone describe it as a "rabid mongoose," which sounds pretty accurate. Babies are supposedly most active from weeks 27-32, because they've developed some heft  and reflexes, plus they still have some room in there.
(But do they really? It doesn't feel that way).

Best moment this week: First appointment with my new doctor. 
Mostly cleaned out the soon to be nursery. 
Finally registered as parishioners at a local church, so we can get ourselves a good old-fashioned baptism and our baby won't be a heathen ;) 
Lots of progress!

Worst moment this week: Up until 1:30 AM last night thinking about all the stuff we still need to do, the things we should budget for, the fact that Bunny will be here in approximately 3 months. Woo-sah.

We decided, mid-pregnancy, to switch OB practices -- because I just like to keep things interesting! I had my first appointment with the new group on Friday, and... can I just say what a huge difference a nice doctor and a convenient office makes? I couldn't be happier. We heard Bunny's heartbeat again, which is always hovering right around 140, and the doctor said everything is measuring perfectly!

I felt a foot in my side on Sunday afternoon, so that was wild.

The guest room-turned-nursery is 90% cleaned out, with just a few, ahem, stray articles of clothing on top of the bed and a few boxes of assorted "treasures" under it. I'm working on a real nursery post, so I'll share my decor plans with you soon.

And finally, did you know 27 weeks is considered the third trimester? Well, sometimes. Medical professionals can't seem to make up their minds about this pregnancy timeline business, but look here -- if the first trimester ends with the dawn of week 13, then even if we're being generous and giving the second tri 14 weeks to get its act together, it's over by week 27. Leaving me with 13 more weeks until I hit 40. Which is simultaneously exciting (let's get this show on the road!) and terrifying (wait, now I have to deliver this kid and like, keep it alive and stuff?)

Final stretch (literally) of the marathon... ready, set, go!


  1. You look radiant. :) Can't believe you're already in the third trimester!

  2. hi! im a new follower from the bee :) and newly pregnant myself! (though that hasnt been announced on the blog yet) - your belly is adorable! i feel like mine is that size at week 8, thank you bloat for that not so nicely shape goin on. lol! congrats on being in your third tri!

  3. You look absolutely adorable!! I hope the kicking calms down soon (though I'm sure it's quite exciting): congratulations on your third trimester!!

  4. Aww can't wait to see the nursery post :)