Tuesday, January 8

Bunny: 31

How far along?  31 weeks

Gender: Kyle guesses a boy, I think it's a girl

Total weight gain? Holding steady around 12 lbs

Cravings? Pineapple. Raspberry and cranberry pastries. Salt and vinegar potato chips. Not all together.

Movement? OUCH. Seriously. Quit kicking me, little one.

Best moment this week: The nursery is painted and BEAUTIFUL. Also, lots of fun browsing baby stuff with my mom and brothers ;)

Worst: Ugh, my back and joints are all out of whack, I'm short of breath, I'm awkward-turtle. It'll all be over soon(ish) though.

We are officially getting ready for Bunny's arrival. The infant car seat is on its way. The nursery is nearly finished. We're signed up for a hospital tour and a childbirth class. It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN.

If this was a normal January, the span of time between now and March would feel like forever. And sometimes, when I imagine getting more and more pregnant over the next nine weeks, it definitely seems like a daunting amount of time. But mostly, I feel like the weeks are in fast-forward. This post was written about 9 weeks ago -- November 8th. I feel like I'm going to blink and Baby will be here.

And I'm happy to report that, at this point, we couldn't feel more ready :)


  1. You look great! It's not often we see you a)with your hair down and very pronounced bangs, b) wearing color and c) wearing lipstick! But I like it all!

    1. I don't know what got into me -- feeling extra adventurous this morning, I guess ;) Thanks!

  2. omgosh look at you!! YOu're almost there :) You look amazing. Aside from the very pregnant belly, you don't look like you,ve gained a pound.

    During my last two months of pregnancy, my face and feet were very puffy :/

    Happy New Year!!

  3. You are almost there! I just started following your blog and I am looking forward to reading more.

  4. Wow - time does fly. You're looking great! Good to hear that things are all ready for baby. :)