Thursday, January 24

Bunny: 33

How far along?  33 weeks, 2 days.

Gender: Anybody's guess.

Total weight gain? 14 lbs.

Cravings? Grapefruit juice. Yogurt. Edy's lemon popsicles. 
(Is that not the weirdest assortment of midwinter "comfort food" you've ever seen? Normally I'm all "bread!" and "cheese!" and "carbs!" Right now that sounds blah.)

Movement? OUCH. Seriously, baby, calm down.

Best moment this week: Sleeping? Also, checking out the Peter Rabbit collection at Baby Gap. Could there be better timing for Bunny?

Worst: Everything that isn't sleeping. Just kidding... sleeping is uncomfortable too. How about just a general realization that things are getting very physically awkward.

Same old song and waddle dance. My back hurts A LOT. My lungs, stomach, and heart are getting smooshed where they don't belong. I'm misjudging my newfound circumference and bumping into things. WHEN DOES THIS END?!

How about some positives, though?

Kyle is painting like a fiend these days, and our rooms are looking beautiful! He perfected the nursery, touched up our two miles of white trim throughout the house, and is currently halfway through redoing the bathroom. It's really exciting... our upstairs looks fresh and scrubbed and new.

Almost everything major is checked off our to-do list. We have our crib and Pack 'n Play set up (thanks, Mom!), and our infant car seat is ready for installation. We have enough tiny clothes to get by in the beginning (until we know whether we'll be buying pink or blue, that is). We chose our pediatrician. We're 99 percent decided on first names.

After Teddy ate my first set of maternity leave papers, I've ordered the second and am ready to officially file for the most hectic three-month work hiatus of my life. We're pondering some fun things to do in April and May, when the days will be longer and the temperatures higher. I'm so excited to have a baby in the spring.

Let's just get this winter over with, shall we?


  1. as always you look stunning! when do we see nursery pics!?!

  2. You're looking good! Hmm, have never had a lemon popsicle before - but they sound delish, although not exactly seasonal. :)
    Sounds like the nest is all prepared and ready to go! How funny that Teddy ate your important papers ...