Tuesday, February 12

Bunny: 36

How far along?  36 weeks (AKA NINE MONTHS!!!)

Gender: Mystery baby

Total weight gain? Still 18 lbs.

Cravings? Can I really still call them cravings? Yes, I can -- and I will! I only have this excuse for another few weeks... Ice cream and grapefruit.

Movement? Baby, get yo' foot out of mah ribs.

Best moment this week: Finishing up the nursery (aside from practicalities like a changing pad).

Worst: Walking anywhere. Staying awake longer than 16 hours. 
Nope and nope.

I'm pretty certain this last month is going to be the least productive of my life. If I'm suddenly struck by a burst of crazy energy, it will be proof positive that nesting is real -- because right now, I don't want to do a gosh-darn thing. Except drink twenty glasses of ice water and take two naps a day and watch TV with my husband and my dogs. That's it.

But hark! Almost everything is done anyway! Check out these sweet, sweet baby digs...

The formative period for building character for eternity is in the nursery. The mother is queen of that realm and sways a scepter more potent than that of kings or priests.
[Author Unknown]

Love this crib.

The baby rocking chair and framed prints are from my own nursery when I was a wee one.

Meet Brutus, our little stuffed dog and my practice baby 
(He's been swaddled and baby-worn, much to Bailey and Teddy's dismay)

Another practice baby, vintage Littlefoot, from Kyle's younger days.

Some greenery.

Changing table, wicker baskets for storage, and woodland friends.

We kept the double bed for nights of new-parent exhaustion, and eventually for visiting grandparents once Baby is older.

Peter Rabbit quilt.

Peter Rabbit growth chart and clock (also from my nursery!)

Pretty little nightlight.

This nursery was a definite labor of love. I don't have before photos, but suffice it to say that the walls were a pretty terrible brown color and there was no decorating scheme in our former guest bedroom at all. Our mothers were very generous -- my mom gifted us the crib, Kyle's mom gave us the crib bedding -- and we used a lot of stuff saved from my own baby days, so we hardly purchased anything at all. To be honest, I think that the wicker baskets, the infant car seat, and the paint are the only things pictured above that we bought.

(Speaking of which: I snapped these photos on my phone at night, so the lighting isn't quite right -- but the walls are painted Benjamin Moore's "Wickham Gray," a very light gray/blue).

I tried to stick to two basic ideas while decorating: gender neutral and classic/old-fashioned. There's a lot of wood and white and green, with soft touches like the stuffed animals and quilt and mosquito netting... and of course, there's a whole tribe of woodland creatures, especially mischief-making rabbits.

I'm so happy with how things turned out -- it's the sort of room I'd like to spend my little years in. Kyle did such an awesome job sanding/ priming/ painting/ building/ drilling/ hanging/ rearranging. All we need to complete the room? As Anne would say... dimpled limbs and a downy head.


  1. So sweet!!! I love the nursery. You must be getting so excited, it's so close.

    I say sleep and rest as much as you want. If you're body tells you to sleep, sleep!

    PS - For the record, my guess is girl.

    1. Thanks!! We are SO excited (but somehow still managing to sleep, haha). And my guess is the same as yours :)