Tuesday, February 19

Bunny: 37

How far along?  37 weeks

Gender: "Team Green"

Total weight gain? 19 pounds

Cravings? Same ol' stuff - citrus and calcium

Movement? Yes, a lot, practically visible from outer space

Best moment this week: I actually started feeling a lot better this past week... less heartburn, less aches, less fatigue. I think Baby dropped. And then...

Worst: I woke up yesterday with a baaaaad head cold, and it's only gotten worse. For serious?

We had our childbirth class last weekend, which was great! I'm still not nervous about labor. It's going to hurt a whole bunch, and maybe (but maybe not) I'll take serious meds to deal with it, and maybe (but hopefully not) it'll end in the OR... there are just so many unknowns. I'm just staying open-minded to everything and looking forward to meeting our baby, one way or another.

My throat is on fire thanks to this head cold. I'm taking lots of hot showers and trying to get some sleep, but that's harder to come by these days. At least this nonsense isn't happening a few weeks from now!

Annnnnnd I'm off to go snooze on the couch some more. Happy Tuesday!

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