Tuesday, February 26

Bunny: 38

How far along?  38 weeks

Gender: Mystery baby... although a nurse I saw last week said she thinks it's definitely a girl. Am I putting off girly vibes?

Total weight gain? Still 19 pounds. I think my body has officially reached maximum capacity.
Check out my backwards lean in the photo above! My center of gravity is a tad off right now.

Cravings? Spicy food. Mexican, Thai, buffalo chicken dip. And citrus, as always.

Movement? Yes. Baby is ready to blow this popsicle stand.

Best moment this week: Car seat installed and teensy clothes washed, plus we found a side table on a great sale at Pottery Barn. 

Worst: THIS COLD. My face feels like it's going to explode, and my eyes are constantly red and watery. I look like I've been weeping for days on end (I'll start if I'm not over this soon). My throat hurts. I can't sleep. This is SO not how I planned to spend these final weeks.

Nothing else is new. I think I'd actually be quite a pleasant late-third-trimester lady, were it not for this virus. Other than my head/eyes/face, I feel pretty good. My back doesn't hurt that much, my ankles/feet/hands aren't swollen, and I can still (usually) fit through door frames.

I'm very anxious to meet our little Bunny, but not in a desperate, please-end-this-misery sort of way. In fact, it will be sort of weird to not be pregnant anymore. Definitely nice, but weird.  I'm very accustomed to it now... it feels like I've been this way forever.

Plus, if Baby takes his or her time, I might be able to catch up on some healthy sleep before a hefty stretch of long nights! And my maternity leave will go into June, which means we can catch a few days at the pool if it's nice and hot. So there are advantages to making it to 40 weeks, or even beyond.

(I'm saying all of this in earnest, but boy would it be nice to get my internal organs back in their rightful place and have a margarita soon. That would be okay too).

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