Wednesday, February 13

Lent Me Your Ear.

I don't know what to give up or do for Lent this year.

I'm certainly not abandoning chocolate, ice cream, or any of those other good things. Not this February and March, no sir.

Alcohol would be an easy sacrifice until mid-March, but after that... no. Going more than nine months with only a few celebratory glasses of wine (yes, I did) means I'm treating myself to a big, fat, postpartum margarita. No, I'm not at all concerned about imbibing while nursing. It's not like I'll be doing shots! But giving up alcohol wouldn't count for much over the next 20-ish days anyway.

Now does not seem the right time to start regularly exercising. And in spite of my undeniable sweet tooth, I've actually eaten pretty wholesome, nutritious food over the past year. So healthy resolutions are out.

Everything else seems impossible to stick to after Baby's arrival...

I could try to do the dishes every day, but that's probably laughable after arriving home from the hospital. Ditto things like "get more sleep" and "straighten my hair." And even "go to Mass every Sunday." Somehow I don't see a lot of Mass-going in the immediate future.

Maybe it should just be something simple like "Don't stress." That's also probably impossible, but it's a goal that's good from now until Easter.

What are you giving up for Lent?

Thanks to Joanna for a good laugh :)


  1. I've been going through a similar lent uncertainty. I did decide to give up dessert, but usually for lent I like to add something and not just give up a bad habit...

    Last year my cousin hand wrote a note and mailed it every day (which was amazing)... I'm sure with your craziness, even a nice email or text to someone daily would express the same sentiment.

    Selfishly I'd love to hear you pick a lenten goal that has to do with your writing (I want to buy your book someday soon!)

    How fitting that the "expectant waiting" part of lent, includes the tail end of your pregnancy. I can't believe its the final stretch!

    Side note: In the past I've made a point to listen to sermon podcasts when I can't make it to church (there's some great ones out there)

    1. I love the handwritten note idea! Maybe I'll write them, starting tonight, to Baby... that might be a nice keepsake for later :)

      I'd also really like to do something with novel writing, but I don't think my mind is in the proper place for it right now -- maybe that will be a summer project!

  2. I've decided to cut out alcohol completely (for lent only hehe). And to take a few minutes every day during lent to pray/meditate.

    I've also heard of people considering giving up video games, texting, Internet, FB, etc.


    1. I don't think I'd ever give up my wine (outside of pregnancy, of course) Good for you!!

  3. I gave up Facebook. I had to have Tom change my password for me to resist temptation (I'm sure God frowns upon that, since fighting the temptation is half the battle). I'm actually LOVING not having access to social media though. Its so freeing! I am concerned about how I will know about Baby Stevenson's arrival, though...

    1. I seriously considered Facebook -- Kyle deleted his account last fall, and doesn't miss it at all. The only thing that stopped is Baby/blog sharing. But that might change in March. You'll certainly see the news here :)