Thursday, February 7

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday...

I'm having one of those Thursdays. You know the ones. Those Thursdays where you keep thinking it's actually a Friday.

On the one hand, good thing it's not. We have a lot to do before the in-laws arrive tomorrow, and just one evening to do it. 

We went out to IKEA last night and purchased a whole bunch of "artwork" and shelves to frame and hang throughout the newly updated rooms on our second floor... so we now have a bathroom, bedroom, and office that actually make sense and feel finished! 

The nursery, on the other hand, is still a work in progress -- I'm trying to establish the perfect feng shui, and it's feng-in' hard (hee hee).

So we need to clean and organize and do laundry and make a run to the grocery store tonight. And if it was Friday already, they'd be arriving in, like, six hours, and none of those things would be finished.

On the other hand -- they're really just coming for the pleasure of our company, right? Not for an inspection of our home. And boy, would it be nice to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Yes, I think I could handle today being Friday just fine.

Thursday -- you, my friend, are another story.

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