Tuesday, March 5

Bunny: 39

How far along?  39 weeks

Gender: So anxious to find out!

Total weight gain? 14 lbs*

Cravings? Popsicles and toast.

Movement? Yep.

Best moment this week: Kyle's birthday celebrations over the weekend 

Worst: Flu.

So, I'm pretty sure the past three weeks have officially been the most germ-ridden of my life. This is in spite of carrying around hand sanitizer, sudsing up at every opportunity, and avoiding sick people as much as possible -- viruses have just managed to catch up with me lately!

I kicked the head cold after two weeks, feeling a lot better by last Friday. We went out to dinner and stayed at our favorite hotel downtown on Saturday. We grabbed a fun breakfast and laid around on Sunday. And then, yesterday morning around 2 AM, I woke up feeling a little funny... and the fun didn't stop for hours! 

I don't know (or care, at this point) if this is TMI -- I threw up 10 times yesterday. 10 times, yinz. I couldn't even keep water in my system. It was miserable.

I laid in bed all day, worked on my laptop, ate two popsicles, drank some grape Gatorade, and went to bed. Last night was the first time in months that I didn't wake up. It was uninterrupted sleep, and it was glorious. And I think I managed it because I am totally wiped out. I am so tired it's ridiculous.

*And yes, thanks to this stomach bug I'm down 5 lbs. from last week. Probably all lost yesterday. My plan, as soon as my appetite returns, is to make a huge helping of buffalo chicken dip and right the injustices this baby has had to endure, being a companion in the sick vessel that is me lately.


  1. I hope now you feel as fantastic as you look! I can't believe how soon we'll see a picture of you holding a baby and not a belly!!

    1. Aww, thanks Emily! I'm feeling a lot better -- can't wait for Baby to arrive and "meet" everyone :)

  2. You look fantastic. Can't wait to see pictures of your bundle of joy