Wednesday, March 6

Pain, and the Element of Surprise.

Until recently, I really didn't think much about labor.

I mean, yes, I watched (and loved) episodes of One Born Every Minute. We rented The Business of Being Born. I read birth stories online. But I figured, hey, it's different for everyone, and there really isn't a lot you can do to control it. I wanted to learn about a whole range of experiences, but I'm not picturing some kind of "perfect birth experience" in my head. Unless it involves the freak phenomenon known as silent labor.

I'm also not at all sentimental about the actual biological process. Honestly, I think it's pretty gross. I mean, it's incredible to bring a life into the world, but I'm not thrilled about the nitty gritty stuff necessary to pull off that miracle. I would never want to watch someone else giving birth, and certainly no one other than lucky Kyle will be around while I do it. And he can remain next to my head, please and thank you.

Really, can't babies just arrive via storks?

Anyway, the day is drawing near, and now I do get nervous about it sometimes! I'm not opposed to pain medication, but I'd like to see if I can do without it. If nothing else, I'd like to hold off on getting it as long as possible... I don't tend to react well to medicine (I once fainted in church after taking extra strength Theraflu, and I memorably passed out in Giant Eagle after my one and only experience with Vicodin).

But one thing makes me so, so excited to get this labor and delivery show on the road -- finding out if we have a little boy or a little girl!

I'm really happy we chose not to learn the gender during our ultrasound. It was pretty tempting at the time, but delaying gratification really does make it sweeter for me -- soon so soon, we get to experience one of life's biggest surprises! I don't have much by way of a birth plan, but I do want Kyle (assuming he's not out cold on the floor or, ahem, blubbering in the corner) to be the one to say "It's a _____!" That moment right there is going to be a big motivator while I'm in labor.

I can't wait! 

(And oh, the shopping that will follow... I've been sorely tempted by tiny, cotton-y, classic clothing adorableness lately. Little lady or lad, we are going to find you some sweet threads soon).

PS -- Is Kate having a girl?!


  1. I really don't want to find out the gender of our first child, but I think it's going to take some convincing for my husband. I love the idea of it being a surprise- there can't be a better surprise than that ever!

    1. Kyle wasn't sold on the idea at first either, he really wanted to know -- but when I pointed out that I really do all the hard work, he was on board ;) Now I think he's glad we don't know, because it's SO much fun to wonder and so exciting that we're getting close to finding out.

  2. mama i am so thrilled for you to meet your little bundle! watching your bump has been just a joy. im going to scream when i come here and its a baby post! eeee!