Thursday, July 11

Assorted Serious Thoughts. Also, Photos of the Wee Bairn Lord.

There are so many big life questions and morality concepts to ponder these days. And there are very few remaining operational brain cells to use for said pondering.

To write a coherent blog post about all this, then, is just beyond any reasonable expectations. So instead, I present a very stream-of-consciousness exploration of faith, and family, and the other solemn stuff weighing on my mind right now.

He is a sleep-deprived little loon here. See those gorgeous blue eyes? They are in a vacant, insane stare.

Jack will be baptized soon.

(Side note: sometimes I wish we would have named him John, and just called him Jack instead. Like maybe I think Jack isn't traditional enough? [Ha! I know, I know, I know. I hear my friends groaning... there goes old lady Carrie and her crazy old-fashioned ideas again!] I didn't like the idea of his first and last name ending with an "n," and I love love love the name Jack and it's what he would have been called either way, but I don't know... just something about plain old John for the formal name is nice too. Did you know Queen Elizabeth didn't decide on Prince Charles' name for an entire month? And Princess Diana didn't decide on William for a whole week? These are confusing choices, clearly).

(Also, I definitely know way too much about the royal family).

Anyway, yes. Jack will be baptized within the next month or so. It will be a real miracle if he fits into my family christening gown, because this boy has heft, but either way we're donning a white outfit and dipping his head in blessed water pretty soon.

And I think about our reasons for doing it a lot.

He's being baptized as a member of the Catholic church, because the long and short of it is that I don't want to feel shoved out of my faith by the men who are mucking it up right now (in my not-so-humble opinion). I could absolutely find another denomination whose current leadership is much more in line with my own social and political leanings, but that would mean leaving behind the sacraments I've grown up with and the symbolism that I really love (not to mention the Sisters -- and many, many priests too -- who are trying to right the proverbial ship). I'm not ready to do that, so we're adding another cradle Catholic to the family.

We're also doing it because it just makes things a lot easier, paperwork-wise, no matter which denomination/faith he ends up being comfortable in, if any at all. You have to start somewhere, you know? Even if it's far from where you end up.

And the last reason -- well, if chubby babies in christening gowns and/or getting baptized don't seem like little miracles to you, goodness you must be a gloomy person ;)

Moving along...

Do you have some tissues handy? Are you a person not easily offended by naughty language? Then you must read this beautiful/profane gem by one of Kyle's (and now, one of my) favorite writers, Drew Magary -- Pain Is A Gift, And Other Notes From A Terrified Father During A Seven-Week Premature Birth. It is, as my own dad would say, bittersweet. It's even sometimes hilarious. And it has a happy ending, so don't be afraid. Well worth ten minutes of your internet-surfing time.


Duchess Catherine, can we please get this labor show on the road? I'm ready to find out if it's a prince or a princess, to see how marvelously radiant you look after delivery, and to celebrate with the rest of the loony royalists out there. I've been watching entirely too much Downton Abbey lately with "Lord Jack" (yes, that I honestly what I call him sometimes... I hope it's not giving him any big ideas). The little gentleman and I will be positively chuffed when the wee babe arrives. Pinkies up!

I now proclaim Lord Jack the most adorable baby in all the land.

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  1. Maybe...William and Kate will have a girl and Lord Jack can go to some fancy English prep school and meet her and they fall madly in love. The Catholic thing might doom his marriage chances though... :)