Friday, September 27

Friday Failures and Funnies.

This past week has thrown a few wrinkles into my usually smoothed-out routine.

He finds the chaos hilarious ;)

A pinched nerve in my neck. A suddenly-not-sleeping-through-the-night-anymore baby. A laundry-list of home improvements that are at a standstill because life has just been too busy. A few laundry baskets, too, that have just been sitting forlornly atop the dryer.

"Fold us, please," they whisper. "We're all getting so wrinkly, it's quite unbecoming." I ignore them, as I am wont to do with half-finished laundry. 

Our stripped-of-wallpaper, halfway-patched and painted walls are pleading for a fresh coat of something pretty. They gaze at my sternly while I lay on the couch, browsing Pinterest. I'm clearly very disappointing. They hoped for so much better from me.

Jack is really messing with my blog plans, because just as soon as I finished editing my triumphant sleep post, which was along the lines of: "Baby has been sleeping twelve hours straight for a month now, I think we're home free, here are all my super-wise, fail-proof secrets!"... he snickered mischievously and decided that eating around 1:30 AM made sense. No, wait, 5:15 sounds better. No, I think 3 in the morning is the magic sweet-spot. Not cool, Jack. Not cool.

And yes, my pinched nerve neck. Nightly doses of Tylenol are really getting in the way of my wine consumption. Devilish Jack did this to me too. He weighs 21 pounds now, so yeah... I guess I should be happy that I haven't thrown my back out? Mama needs to start strength-training.


It's Friday, and it's officially fall. We're going for an evening stroll at North Park tonight, and to Pitt's homecoming game tomorrow. 

The stuff around the house will get done eventually. Jack will start sleeping through the night again.My neck will recover. Probably.

Sometimes -- even when clothes are wrinkled and walls are patched and babies are wakeful and joints are sore -- I really do think to myself,

what a wonderful world.


  1. Clothes baskets of unfolded clothes have become a staple in my bedroom. At first it bothered me but now not so much.

  2. The never ending story of the laundry basket... **sigh** story of my life.

    That's great that baby sleeps 12 hours in a row!!

  3. Love it! I can relate to just about everything including the neck! Mine is "going out" once a month it seems...even with a new pillow.

    I hope the sleep improves soon. But screw the laundry. :)

  4. For real- laundry is just never ending. I always end up folding it...and then it sits in the basket forever...

    And your poor neck! My back hurts after just caring my niece for an hour or so today (mind you- she is a 3 month old in 18 month clothing...)