Wednesday, January 1

A Fresh Page.

There is something so hopeful about the start of a new year. It's bright, crisp, and clean.

2013 was one for the books. At the end of my life, when I'm (hopefully) wrinkled and gray, I'll look back and laugh at the sheer folly and force of our dreams and decisions this year. A baby, a move, a job change. I love my life, and it has become immeasurably better over the past 12 months, but by God, from now on I aim to tackle one major milestone at a time.

I'm not even rehashing my resolutions for 2013. Many of them were met, but probably more were missed. That's okay. I learned and changed a lot over the past year, and that's what really counts anyway. If we all keep learning and changing -- growing toward the sunlight, so to speak -- we'll turn out all right in the end ;)

My goals for 2014 are very simple.

Be healthy (more sleep, better food, less wine, more walks)
Be present (more wonder and appreciation, less mindless internet and phone browsing, less worrying)
Be kind (less spoken and unspoken judgments and criticisms, more patience)
Be strong (advocate for Jack, be honest no matter what, avoid negative people and situations)

Cheers, friends!


  1. Love those goals! They are perfect! Happy new year!!!

  2. Great goals!

    Happy New Year :)